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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2003Taxonomies of reading practice: Moving beyond PIRLS dataWong, RuthLuke, Allan
2004Defining a research agenda for geographical learning tasks with the G-portal digital libraryHedberg, John G.Chang, Chew HungLim, Ee PengSun, AixinTeh, Tiong SaGoh, Dion Hoe LianTheng, Yin Leng
2004Coding participation patterns and activities: Adaptations from the Singapore Coding schemeSilver, Rita
Mar-2004The role of digital libraries in learning about environmental identity through solving geographical problemsHedberg, John G.Chang, Chew HungLim, Ee PengTeh, Tiong SaGoh, Dion Hoe LianTheng, Yin Leng
Apr-2004Reading in Singapore primary classrooms: Realities and aspirationsWong, Ruth
Jun-2004Adolescent usage of multimedia messaging in the negotiation, construction, and sharing of meaning about local environmentsLim, Kenneth Yang TeckHedberg, John G.Chatterjea, Kalyani
Jul-2004Creating problem solving repertoiresHo, Kai FaiTeong, Su KwangHedberg, John G.
Jul-2004Modulating the mosaic: drama and oral languageStinson, MadonnaFreebody, Kelly
Aug-2004The contribution of working memory to structural and procedural errors in algebraic problem solvingNg, Swee FongLee, KerryNg, Ee LynnLim, Zee Ying
Aug-2004Adolescent usage of messaging in gaming and in the fieldLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
Sep-2004Collaborative handheld gaming in educationLim, Kenneth Yang Teck
Oct-2004Improving mathematics teaching and learning through effective classroom assessment: Experiences and perspectives from Singapore schoolsFan, Lianghuo
Nov-2004Focus group interviews: Music teachers’ perspectives on promoting creativity in young childrenLam, Stella Wai Man
Nov-2004The role of Digital Libraries in teaching and learning geographyChang, Chew HungHedberg, John G.Teh, Tiong SaLim, Ee PengGoh, Dion Hoe LianTheng, Yin Leng
Dec-2004Digital repositories to support teachers extend their teaching of mathematics problem solving heuristicsHo, Kai FaiMuthukumar S. LakshmananHedberg, John G.
Dec-2004Supporting field study with personalized project spaces in a geographical digital libraryLim, Ee PengSun, AixinLiu, ZehuaHedberg, John G.Chang, Chew HungTeh, Tiong SaGoh, Dion Hoe LianTheng, Yin Leng
2005A DNA science research and training programme for secondary school and junior college teachers and students on genetic polymorphisms in human, animals and plants in SingaporeGan, Yik YuenKoh, Chong LekSze, C. C.Chin, ChristineLum, ShawnTan, Timothy Ter MingGan, Leong HuatCheong, K. F.Wong, M. P. F.Davies, D.Tan, J.Ang, Diana Tiong JooCai, Y. Y.Micklos, D.
2005Transforming learning? Interactive whiteboards in the primary classroom: case studies from a London schoolKemeny, Hilary
2005Students' metacognitive problem solving strategies in solving open-ended problems in pairsLioe, Luis TirtasanjayaHo, Kai FaiHedberg, John G.
2005Voices from the normal technical world: an ethnographic study of low-track students in SingaporeMasturah IsmailTan, Aik-Ling