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dc.contributor.authorYang, Peidongen
dc.contributor.authorChow, Lee Taten
dc.identifier.citationYang, P., & Chow, L. T. (2019). Immigrant teachers in Singapore schools: Backgrounds, integration, and diversification. HSSE Online, 8(2), 39-51. Retrieved from
dc.description.abstractImmigrant-background teachers make up a fragment of the teacher population in mainstream Singapore schools. Though modest in terms of number, the presence of these teachers in the Singapore teaching workforce is arguably significant in other ways. To date, little research attention has been paid to this unique group of teachers. Based on a Ministry of Education-National Institute of Education (MOE-NIE) funded study (OER 16/17 YPD), this article provides an overview of the characteristics and experiences of immigrant teachers in mainstream Singapore primary and secondary schools, with a focus on the practical challenges and value tensions they encounter in the professional settings. Findings show that immigrant teachers are generally well integrated into the Singapore education system notwithstanding certain challenges. Meanwhile, some teachers’ experiences of negotiating with value differences suggest that immigrant teachers may have the potential to add diversity to the education system, although this potential appears to be limited by the pragmatic imperative of professional integration.en
dc.relationThe dataset for this journal article is available in the NIE Data Repository at
dc.titleImmigrant teachers in Singapore schools: Backgrounds, integration, and diversificationen
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