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Augmented reality
Memory palace
Method of loci
Assessment for learning
Learner-Generated Augmentation
History education
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Lim, K. Y., Lok, J. B., Gunawan, A., & Lim, R. (2020). Representation of constructions of memory palaces with Learner-Generated Augmentation. In B. Tangney, J. R. Byrne & C. Girvan (Eds.), Proceedings of the 2020 Constructionism Conference (pp. 482-496). University of Dublin.
This study describes an approach to History education which leverages Augmented Reality (AR). It supplements work reported in Lim & Lim (2020) and shares how the profiles of participants and their respective responses to the intervention might be represented in forms not previously reported, with a view to increasing intelligibility of the data. The intervention aimed to explore the affordances of AR in mediating learner-initiated construction of representations of their memory palaces / method of loci, using the Learner-Generated Augmentation approach described in Lim et al. (2018), as applied to the memorization of historical facts. In this activity, participants used a free AR mobile application - Just a Line - to sketch out memory palaces of key information from a prose passage. This activity was trialled on student-teachers who are majoring in History at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. The resulting dataset was relatively complex, not least because the constructions of the memory palaces were potentially in three dimensions and overlain on the local environments of each participant. A contribution of this paper is the proposal of a format for representing such datasets to facilitate analyses and subsequent scaling.
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