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Peak force
Loading rate
Initial contact
Ground reaction force
Time differential
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Lim, Y. Y., Sterzing, T., Teo, C. J. Y., Alonzo, R., Pan, J. W., Teng, P. S. P., & Kong, P. W. (2020). Between-limb asymmetry in kinetic and temporal characteristics during bilateral plyometric drop jumps from different heights. Journal of Sports Sciences, 38(14), 1605-1614.
This study investigated the between-limb asymmetry in kinetic and temporal characteristics during bilateral plyometric drop jumps from different heights. Seventeen male basketball players performed drop jumps from 3 heights on two platforms in randomized orders. Vertical ground reaction force data were analysed with respect to the lead limb (i.e. the limb stepping off the raised platform first) and trail limb. Peak forces and loading rates of each limb were calculated. The absolute time differential between the two limbs at initial ground contact and takeoff were determined. The frequency of symmetrical landing and taking off with “both limbs together” were counted using 3 time windows. Results showed that the lead limb displayed higher peak forces and loading rates than the trail limb across all heights (p <.05). As drop height increased, the absolute time differentials decreased at initial ground contact (p <.001) but increased at takeoff (p =.035). The greater the preset time window, the more landings and takeoffs were classified as bilaterally symmetrical. In conclusion, higher drop heights allowed subjects to become more bilaterally symmetrical in the timing of landing but this reduction in temporal asymmetry did not accompany with any reduction in kinetic asymmetry.
This is the final draft, after peer-review, of a manuscript published in Journal of Sports Sciences. The published version is available online at
0264-0414 (print)
1466-447X (online)
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