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dc.contributor.authorLu, Yufeien
dc.contributor.authorZhang, Hongjianen
dc.contributor.authorAng, Edison Huixiangen
dc.contributor.authorNie, Zhentaoen
dc.contributor.authorLiu, Haodongen
dc.contributor.authorDu, Yuhangen
dc.contributor.authorHan, Congyingen
dc.contributor.authorZhu, Jixinen
dc.contributor.authorHuang, Weien
dc.identifier.citationLu, Y., Zhang, H., Ang, E. H., Nie, Z., Liu, H., Du, Y., Han, C., Zhu, J., & Huang, W. (2020). In-situ self-catalyzed growth of bimetallic nanoparticles/carbon nanotubes: A flexible binder-free electrocatalyst for high-performance oxygen evolution reaction. Materials Today Physics, 16, Article 100303.
dc.descriptionThis is the final draft, after peer-review, of a manuscript published in Materials Today Physics. The published version is available online at
dc.description.abstractThe self-catalyzed growth of nano-structures on material surfaces is an economic and time-efficient way of designing multifunctional electrocatalysts for vast applications. NiCo bimetallic nanoparticles embedded in N-doped nanotubes (NCNTs) on carbon cloth substrate were formed here by a simple two-step method via hydrothermal treatment followed by in-situ pyrolysis and self-catalysis through chemical vapor deposition. The unique three-dimensional network and Ni/Co-N-C coordination of NiCo/NCNTs electrocatalyst provide predominant advantage for short-range and long-range conductivity and exposure of active sites. Such beneficial characteristics result in significant improvement in oxygen evolution reaction (OER) performances. The electrocatalysts obtained from two NiCo bimetallic hydroxides with different structures exhibit the overpotential of 210 and 290 mV at current density of 20 mA cm−2 and the Tafel slope of 148 and 160 mV dec−1, respectively. In addition, electrocatalysts showed long-term stability throughout 25 h with negligible lost in catalytic activities of approximately 10.6% and 12.8%, respectively.en
dc.subjectCarbon nanotubesen
dc.subjectBimetallic nanoparticlesen
dc.subjectOxygen evolution reactionen
dc.titleIn-situ self-catalyzed growth of bimetallic nanoparticles/carbon nanotubes: A flexible binder-free electrocatalyst for high-performance oxygen evolution reactionen
dc.grant.idNational Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant no. 51872139)en
dc.grant.idNSF of Jiangsu Province (Grant no. BK20170045)en“Six Talent Peak” Project of Jiangsu Province (Grant no. XCL-043)en
dc.grant.idNatural Science Basic Research Program of Shaanxi (Program No.2019JLM-28)en
dc.grant.idProjects of International Cooperation and Exchanges NSFC (Grant no. 51811530018)en
dc.grant.idFundamental Research Funds for the Central Universitiesen
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