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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201721世纪中国高校校园文化建设的创建及策略研究 (21 shi ji zhong guo gao xiao xiao yuan wen hua jian she ji ce lue yan jiu)Wang, Xiaomei
2011"80后" 教师早期专业发展历程 ("80 hou" jiao shi zao qi zhuan ye fa zhan li cheng)Sun, Zhaojie
2005Ab initio study of low dimensional carbon nanostructuresChua, Hui Li
2000Ability repro system : scientific learning & product delivery through project workChia, Tet Fatt
1999Accessibility of public services in an urban environment : a case study of public libraries in the east region of SingaporeLow, Lester Chern Tsai
2002Achievement motivation and affect among secondary school netball playersLim, Yen Peng
2004An acoustic and perceptual study of triphthongs in educated Singapore EnglishLim, Siew Siew
2002An acoustic study of /s/ and /z/ in educated Singaporean EnglishKoh, Richard Pee Chou
1996Active learning in engineering mathematics to enhance student learningChuang, Poon Hwei
1994Active learning in tutorialsZhao, Zhi Ye
1995Active learning strategies in advanced nursing educationZubaidah Mohamed
1995Active learning strategies in molecular geneticsQuah, Vincent Siew Kian
1997Aerobic and anaerobic performance of midfield and non-midfield university soccer playersAzhar Mohamed Hussain
2003Analysis of roadside trees and green space on the NIE campusChow, Nyuk Hong
2004An analysis of selected Singapore ballads (xinyao), 1980-1990Lin, Mindy Wan Ying
2005Analysis of sorting algorithmsSim, Seok Woon
2005An analysis of strategic approaches employed by Singapore's non-profit national sports associations in seeking corporate sponsorshipQuek, Swee Nee
1996An analysis of the 1991 Singapore English language syllabus (SELS) - Teachers' perceptions about their roles in the syllabusChua, Joanne Hui Peng
1997An analysis of the conductor's role in training the amateur choirSim, Kok Heng
1996An analytical study on the use of cooperative learning (CL) strategies in technical and non-technical subjects in higher educationLua, Eng Keong