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Hung, D., Seow, P., Ho, C. F., & Tan, C. (2022). Learning initiatives for the future of education (LIFE): ‘It takes a village’ to enable research-practice nexus. In D. Hung, L. Wu & D. Kwek (Eds.), Education in the Asia-Pacific region: Issues, concerns and prospects (pp. 73-95). Springer.
The Learning Initiatives for the Future of Education (LIFE) are outlined in this chapter with an introduction to the historical developments of education research at NIE. LIFE’s aims and goals are to support NIE’s vision as a future-ready institution up to 2025 underpinned by cultivating and being the custodian of enduring values even in a challenging milieu of change. Foregrounded by the 4 lives framework, this chapter explicates the ‘It takes a Village’ project, funded by the Temasek Foundation, and delves into how the project paves the way into enabling research-practice nexus (RPP). We discuss the potentials in the science of learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and similar trends in the light of the foundations of values, content knowledge and twenty-first-century learning. The NIE aims to be ‘Inspiring Learning, Transforming Teaching, Advancing Research’ (NIE (2020). 2020 NIE strategic vision. The above constructs are illustrated through a project referred to as ‘It Takes a Village.’ While this project is only at its first phase, we discuss how its next steps can be incorporating the concepts advocated by LIFE.
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