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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Do students’ perceptions of school change over time?Tan, Wee Kiat; Tan, Esther
1999"Do you panic about maths?"Foong, Pui Yee
Nov-1991Do you want to do science?Chang, Agnes Shook Cheong
Mar-1992Document III: Education, technology and scientific exchange programme of the International Centre for Dense Magnetized PlasmasLee, Sing; Ware, K
Nov-1996Does bilingualism mean biculturalism?Tan, Ai-Girl 
Apr-2014Does bullying at school predict student academic performance? Evidence from 65 countriesKaur, Berinderjeet ; Shaljan Areepattamannil; Lee, Daphnee Hui Lin; Hong, Helen; Su, Robyn Hing Chun
2014Does context still matter? The dialectics of comparative educationLee, W. O.; Napier, Diane B.; Manzon, Maria
Dec-1999Does creativity contribute towards success in performance of open-ended science investigations?Muhammad Shahrin; Toh, Kok Aun
 2022Does early language development contribute to socio-emotional functioning in pre-school and beyond?Goh, Shaun Kok Yew 
Nov-2003Does formal assessment in primary science support the TSLN vision?Boo, Hong Kwen
1989Does money matter? A close look at the work values of secondary schoolTan, Esther
2022Does time fly when you engage more? Effort intensity moderates the relationship between affect and time perceptionKawabata, Masato ; Chatzisarantis, Nikos
2011Doll tales: Foregrounding children's voices in researchJesuvadian, Mercy; Wright, Susan (Susan Kay)
Apr-2013Domain specific predictors of maths ability in deaf and hearing childrenBull, Rebecca
Mar-2008Don't teach your kids to be afraid of the worldCherian, Mary
2011Don’t read university rankings like reading football league tables: Taking a close look at the indicatorsSoh, Kay Cheng
2022The double-edged sword of Mandarin: Language shift and cultural maintenance among middle-aged Chinese-MalaysiansOng, Teresa Wai See; Troyer, Robert A.
Nov-1989Down syndrome childrenChua, Tee Tee
2016Downregulation of oncogenic RAS and c-Myc expression in MOLT-4 leukaemia cells by a salicylaldehyde semicarbazone copper(II) complexGoh, Yan Yih; Yan, Yaw Kai ; Tan, Nguan Soon; Goh, Su Ann; Li, Shang; Teoh, You Chuan; Lee, Peter Peng Foo 
2021DP color functions versus chromatic polynomialsDong, F. M. ; Yang, Yan