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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2011Interrogating the transformative promise: Singaporean teachers’ perspectives of diversity and multicultural educationAlviar-Martin, Theresa; Ho, Li-Ching
2022Intersections of identity and status in international students′ perceptions of culturally engaging campus environmentsGlass, Chris R.; Heng, Tang Tang ; Hou, Minghui
1988An intervention for a socially incompetent adolescentWong, Lily Yee Sheung
2000An intervention framework to address learning and behavioural concernsLim, Levan ; Gan, Linda; Rose, Dennis
1994An intervention programme of teaching problem solving strategies in Singapore schools: Preliminary case studiesLee, Lucille Kam Wah
1995Intonation features of Singapore EnglishGoh, Christine Chuen Meng 
2009An intra-individual analysis of players’ perceived coaching behaviours, psychological needs, and achievement goalsWang, John Chee Keng ; Koh, Koon Teck ; Chatzisarantis, Nikos
2020Intricacies of designing and implementing enrichment programs for high-ability studentsTan, Liang See; Letchmi Devi Ponnusamy ; Lee, Shu-Shing ; Koh, Elizabeth ; Koh, Lauren; Tan, Jing Yi; Tan, Keith Chiu Kian; Chia, Terence Titus Song An
 2023Intrinsic ionic confinement dynamic engineering of ionomers with low dielectric-k, high healing and stretchability for electronic device reconfigurationWang, Jingwen; Zheng, Yapeng; Ren, Wei; Ang, Edison Huixiang ; Song, Lei; Zhu, Jixin; Hu, Yuan
1994Introducing a model of interpersonal teacher behaviourGoh, Swee Chiew
Apr-1994Introducing argument: Critical reading for writingHvitfeldt, Christina
2015Introducing queuing theory through simulationsSoon, Wan Mei Amanda; Ang, Keng Cheng 
2015IntroductionJiang, Heng 
Dec-1999The introduction of on-line learning to inservice training in climatologyChang, Chew Hung ; Goh, Kim Chuan
2009An introduction to analysis of science knowledge construction in an asynchronous discussion forumChia, Kok Pin
1998An introduction to Chinese computing in SingaporeChua, Chee Lay
1987An introduction to DOSTan, Fong Khow
 2022Introduction to early childhood development and research in SingaporeTan, Oon Seng ; Poon, Kenneth K. ; O'Brien, Beth A. ; Rifkin-Graboi, Anne 
2006Introduction to special issue on the learning sciences: Capacity building, critical areas, and concerted impactLooi, Chee-Kit ; Hung, David 
2020An introduction to the cognitive diagnostic assessment systemAryadoust, Vahid ; Loh, Chin Ee