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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Listening comprehensionKirkpatrick, T. A.
1985Listening to children solving mathematics questionsBooth, Lesley R.
2001Listening to children: What teachers can learnCox, Robyn
2021A listing approach for counting problemsNg, Wai Kuen; Leong, Yew Hoong 
Aug-1987Literacy and technological development country report: SingaporeKhoo, Maureen Mui Lim; Sullivan, Claudia
2017Literary placed-based learning beyond the classroomLoh, Chin Ee 
 2021A literature overview of differences between engineering education and other disciplinary educationVan den Bogaard, Maartje; Yeter, Ibrahim H. ; Strobel, Johannes
1981Literature teaching: Facts, attitudes or skills?Liu, Marcia P.
2015Little League elbow in a pre-pubertal cricket playerMukherjee, Swarup 
Sep-2000Living and feeling mathematics learningLee, Ngan Hoe 
1994lndividualised education programmes: a proposal for more effective teaching and learningQuah, May Ling
1996lnternet resources for literature teachersHolden, Philip; Ng, Yun Sian
2014Local convertibility and the quantum simulation of edge states in many-body systemsFranchini, Fabio; Cui, Jian; Amico, Luigi; Fan, Heng; Gu, Mile; Korepin, Vladimir; Kwek, Leong Chuan ; Vedral, Vlatko
1985Local language-related research: Some trends and issuesHo, Wah Kam
2020Local rainfall or river overflow? Re-evaluating the cause of the Great 2011 Thailand floodHo, Huu Loc; Park, Edward ; Chitwatkulsiri, Detchphol; Lim, Jana; Yun, Sang-Ho; Maneechot, Luksanaree; Minh Phuong, Do
2021A local research evidence base for English language education (ELE) in Singapore from 2010 to 2020 (early childhood to secondary school)Jones, Sally Ann 
Jul-2011Location-based collaborative learning at a geography trail: Examining the relationship among task design, facilitation and discourse typesTan, Esther Bee Kiow; So, Hyo-Jeong
2012Long-distance entanglement generation with scalable and robust two-dimensional quantum networkLi, Ying; Cavalcanti, Daniel; Kwek, Leong Chuan 
2020Long-term strength adaptation: A 15-year analysis of powerlifting athletesLatella, Christopher; Teo, Wei-Peng ; Spathis, Jemima; van den Hoek, Daniel
2013Longer bars for bigger numbers? Children’s usage and understandingLee, Kerry; Khng, Kiat Hui ; Ng, Swee Fong ; Ng, Jeremy Lan Kong