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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Promoting spiritual ideals through design thinking in public schoolsTan, Charlene; Wong, Yew Leong 
2017Promoting student engagement: Interplay of perceived self-beliefs and teacher support in fostering positive youth developmentChong, Wan Har ; Kit, Irena Phey Ling ; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Ang, Rebecca P. ; Huan, Vivien Swee Leng 
Nov-2011Promoting sustainable teacher change during design research on seamless learningZhang, Baohui; Wong, Lung Hsiang ; Seow, Peter Sen Kee ; Chia, Gean; Looi, Chee-Kit 
Dec-2004Promoting thinking through pedagogical changes in science lessonsChang, Agnes Shook Cheong
-Propagandis persuratan MelayuMohamed Pitchay Gani Mohamed Abdul Aziz
2017Properties of chromatic polynomials of hypergraphs not held for chromatic polynomials of graphsDong, F. M. 
2020Properties of π-skew graphs with applicationsOuyang, Zhangdong; Dong, F. M. ; Zhang, Ruixue; Tay, Eng Guan 
1998Proportional reasoning and mathematical beliefs of student teachers from Singapore and AustraliaFoong, Pui Yee; Perry, Bob
Dec-1999A proposal for assessing mathematics thinking: A lesson learnt from the Japanese open-ended approachLee, Ngan Hoe 
2021A proposal for performance-based assessment of the learning of machine learning concepts and practices in K-12von Wangenheim, Christiane Gresse; da Cruz Alves, Nathalia; Rauber, Marcelo F.; Hauck, Jean C. R.; Yeter, Ibrahim H. 
2020A proposed framework for understanding educational change and transfer: Insights from Singapore teachers' perceptions of differentiated instructionHeng, Tang Tang ; Song, Lynn
1999Proposed IT competencies for Singapore teachersWilliams, Michael Dale; Wong, Siew Koon Philip
Aug-1975Proposed Student Advisory Service (SAS)Yip, Katherine
2015Proposing an educational scaling-and-diffusion model for inquiry-based learning designsHung, David ; Lee, Shu-Shing 
Jul-2003Prosocial attitudes of Youth Expedition Project (YEP) participants: A preliminary studyKhoo, Angeline; Lim, Kam Ming ; Liau, Albert
2020A prospective longitudinal study of mobile touch screen device use and musculoskeletal symptoms and visual health in adolescentsToh, Siao Hui; Coenen, Pieter; Howie, Erin K.; Smith, Anne J.; Mukherjee, Swarup ; Mackey, David A.; Straker, Leon M.
 2022Prospects for managing end-of-life lithium-ion batteries: Present and futureWang, Xiao-Tong; Gu, Zhen-Yi; Ang, Edison Huixiang ; Zhao, Xin-Xin; Wu, Xing-Long; Liu, Yichun
2010Protecting two-qubit quantum states by π-phase pulsesHu, Jia-Zhong; Wang, Xiang-Bin; Kwek, Leong Chuan 
2013Protocol for selection of transcript excerpts, 2012. Comprehending Reading Comprehension (OER 9/10 RS)Silver, Rita 
2012Protocol for student interviews comprehending reading comprehensionSilver, Rita