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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Revisiting a structural analysis of folktales: A means to an end?Lwin, Soe Marlar
2020Revisiting Donald Schön’s notion of reflective practice: A Daoist interpretationTan, Charlene
2016Revisiting individualism and collectivism: A multinational examination of pre-service teachers’ perceptions on student academic performancesJiang, Heng 
2010Revisiting the role of metalanguage in L2 teaching and learningHu, Guangwei
2012The rise of Li’ Ttledot: A study of citizenship education through game-based learningLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Ong, Matthew Y. C.
2022A road less travelled?: Coherence and coverage of integrated science in SingaporeWong, David Meng Kit; Wan, Dongsheng; Lee, Yew-Jin 
Jun-1993The road to medals: Not just a question of better training and techniqueSaunders, John; Aplin, Nick
2021Robust semi-device-independent certification of all pure bipartite maximally entangled states via quantum steeringHarshank Shrotriya; Kishor Bharti; Kwek, Leong Chuan 
2012Robust-fidelity atom-photon entangling gates in the weak-coupling regimeLi, Ying; Aolita, Leandro; Chang, Darrick E.; Kwek, Leong Chuan 
2018Rocking the boat: Critical reflexivity in social studies teachersMalathy Krishnasamy; Sim, Jasmine Boon-Yee ; Chua, Shuyi
Jul-1977The role and function of the teacher with special reference to drug abuseWong, Ruth H. K.
Aug-2010The role and nature of curriculum frameworks in mathematics curriculum development initiativesLee, Ngan Hoe 
1979The role and use of textbooks as a vehicle for teaching English as a second language in Singapore schoolsFry, Christopher; Mercer, Marianne
 2022The role of "resources" in regime durability in Laos: The political economy of statist market socialismCreak, Simon ; Barney, Keith
1987The role of a Botanic Garden in teaching geographyYee, Sze Onn
1997The role of assessment in developing creativityMau, Rosalind Y.
2015The role of authentic tasks in promoting twenty-first century learning dispositionsTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling; Nie, Youyan 
2019The role of classroom video in music teacher research: A review of the literatureBautista, Alfredo; Tan, Clarence Puay Yon; Wong, Joanne; Conway, Colleen
2002The role of collaboration in the design and production of on-line English language learning materialsTowndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander) ; Jaya Kannan
Jun-1995The role of community language organizations in promoting literacy in SingaporeSaravanan, Vanithamani