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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Building relationships between schools and communities’ agencies: Crafting a programmatic proposalImran Shaari; Lee, Shu-Shing 
2022Building relationships with community members: Lessons learnt from fieldwork in Penang, MalaysiaOng, Teresa Wai See
2018Building the science of research management: What can research management learn from education research?Huang, David Junsong ; Hung, David 
22-Jun-2011Building the strategic pillars for Angkatan Sasterawan 50’s online information servicesAmirrudin Dahlan; Nurhazman Abdul Aziz; Mohamed Pitchay Gani Mohamed Abdul Aziz; Juffri Supa’at
Mar-2002Building towards an e-learning environment in the National Institute of EducationCheah, Horn Mun; Koh, Thiam Seng
2011Building up an e-prints collection: The NIE experienceWong, Shao Mun
Aug-2010Building, supporting and enhancing teachers' capacity to foster mathematics learning: insights from Indonesian classroomWidjaja, Wanty; Dolk, Maarten
 2020The Bulan bahasa report card: A critical discourse analysisMuhammad Irwan Jamal
1998Bures fidelity of displaced squeezed thermal statesKwek, Leong Chuan ; Wang, Xiang-Bin; Oh, Choo Hiap
1995A burning issue for chemistry teachersBoo, Hong Kwen
2013Burnout and its relations with basic psychological needs and motivation among athletes: A systematic review and meta-analysisLi, Chunxiao; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Pyun, Do Young; Kee, Ying Hwa 
Sep-1993Burnout and perceptions of school environment among Singaporean school teachersBall, Jessica; Moselle, Kenneth
Nov-2006“But I have not started teaching!”: Knowledge building perilsTan, Aik-Ling ; Tan, Seng Chee 
2021By teaching we learn: Comprehension and transformation in the teaching of long divisionChoy, Ban Heng ; Yeo, Joseph B. W. ; Dindyal, Jaguthsing 
2020C-plasma derived precise volumetric buffering for high-rate and stable alloying-type energy storageOuyang, Bo; Chao, Dongliang; Jia, Guichong; Zhang, Zheng; Kan, Erjun; Jin Fan, Hong; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh 
2017C2FIP: A design framework for streamlining ICT-enhanced seamless science learning for wider diffusion in primary schoolsWong, Lung Hsiang ; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Goh, Su Fen
2019Calcium absorption in the fluted giant clam, Tridacna squamosa, may involve a homolog of voltage-gated calcium channel subunit α1 (CACNA1) that has an apical localization and displays light-enhanced protein expression in the ctenidiumCao-Pham, Anh H.; Hiong, Kum Chew; Boo, Mel Veen; Choo, Celine Yen Ling; Wong, Wai Peng; Chew, Shit Fun ; Ip, Yuen Kwong
2006Calculator use in primary school mathematics: A Singapore perspectiveKoay, Phong Lee
1982Called to be a teacher: A Christian and personal viewpointWong, Ruth H. K.
2019CAM plasticity in epiphytic tropical orchid species responding to environmental stressTay, Shawn; He, Jie ; Yam, Tim Wing