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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981The use of audio and visual materials to stimulate oral communicationTalbot, D. C.
Apr-1992Use of binary programming test designs to address content balancing in adaptive testsLam, Peter Tit Loong; Hariharan Swaminathan; Hambleton, Ron
2022Use of cartoons to identify students’ alternative conceptions of history in a (Singapore) schoolYeo, Lloyd Tze Chiang; Sim, Teddy Yong Huei 
Oct-1993The use of collaborative learning in the teaching of operational research to mathematics undergraduatesTan, Kok Choon; Chen, Ai-Yen
Jul-2017Use of comics and alternative assessment in a lower secondary mathematics classroomHarris Mohammed Reza Halim; Thong, Eunice Hui Fang; Ho, Siew Yin; Toh, Tin Lam 
2017Use of comics to enhance students’ learning for the development of the 21st century competencies in the mathematics classroomToh, Tin Lam ; Cheng, Lu Pien ; Ho, Siew Yin; Jiang, Heng ; Lim, Kam Ming 
2002Use of computer technology in child care centersCheung, Wing Sum; Hu, Chun
2003The use of computers in English language testingVallance, Michael
Nov-1996The use of contemporary animated cartoon videos in groupwork to foster self-esteemD'Rozario, Vilma
Dec-1999The use of critical thinking in physical education: A matter of styleWright, Steven Charles
1992The use of discrepant events in teaching and learning scienceChin, Christine
2015Use of Facebook in physical activity intervention programme: Test of self-determination theoryWang, John Chee Keng ; Leng, Ho Keat ; Kee, Ying Hwa 
2012Use of Facebook: A case study of Singapore students’ experienceHew, Khe Foon; Cheung, Wing Sum
Dec-2004Use of Geometer’s Sketchpad (GSP) to teach mechanics concepts in A Level MathematicsToh, Tin Lam 
2020Use of gesture for correcting pronunciation errorsThompson, Amelyn A.; Renandya, Willy A. 
2012The use of ICT in the Chinese classroom: A Singapore perspectiveHuang, Meng; Zhang, Dongbo; Zhao, Shouhui
Nov-2003The use of ICT in the teaching of mathematics by prospective mathematics teachersWettasinghe, Cyraine Marissa; Kaur, Berinderjeet 
Jun-1993The use of imagery by developing and high performance soccer playersSalmon, Jill; Hall, Craig; Haslam, Ian
1998Use of information technology: the intelligent classroomCheah, Horn Mun; Teo, Beng-chong 
1996The use of instructional technology within physical education, sport and healthMcGill, Lewis J. O.; Wright, Steven Charles