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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1993Using the SAT-M to identify the mathematical talented in SingaporeLim, Tock Keng
2003Using the Virtual Institute of Training and Learning (VITAL) for online modules in biomechanics - an effort by the Physical Education and Sports Science Academic Group at the National lnstitute of Education, SingaporeKoh, Michael (Michael Teik Hin); Hung, David ; Tan, John Cher Chay 
2001Using the WlHlC questionnaire to measure the learning environmentMyint, Swe Khine
Nov-2004Using toys to teach scienceYau, Che Ming; Wong, Voon Ping Thomas Johnson
2020Using transcranial direct current stimulation to augment the effect of motor imagery-assisted brain-computer interface training in chronic stroke patients: Cortical reorganization considerationsEffie, Chew; Teo, Wei-Peng ; Tang, Ning; Ang, Kai Keng; Ng, Yee Sien; Zhou, Juan Helen; Teh, Irvin; Phua, Kok Soon; Zhao, Ling; Guan, Cuntai
 2021Using transcript levels of nitrate transporter 2 as molecular indicators to estimate the potentials of nitrate transport in Symbiodinium, Cladocopium, and Durusdinium of the fluted giant clam, Tridacna squamosaPang, Caryn Zhiqin; Ip, Yuen Kwong; Chew, Shit Fun 
Nov-2005Using two tier reflective multiple choice questions to cater to creative thinkingBoo, Hong Kwen; Ang, Kok Cheng
2020Using video games for learning: Developing a metalanguage for digital playToh, Weimin; Lim, Fei Victor 
2020Using visual representations to realise the concept of “heat”Yeo, Jennifer Ai Choo; Wong, Wai Lit; Tan, Kim Chwee Daniel 
2012Using visualizations in secondary school physics teaching and learning: Evaluating the efficacy of an instructional program to facilitate understanding of gas and liquid pressure conceptsOh, Elisabeth Yian Yian; Treagust, David F.; Koh, Thiam Seng; Phang, Wei Lian; Ng, Shuh Lit; Sim, Gary; Chandrasegaran, A. L.
2011Using WebQuest as a universal design for learning tool to enhance teaching and learning in teacher preparation programsYang, Chien Hui; Tzuo, Pei-Wen; Komara, Cecile
1996Using worksheets for secondary school mathematicsLim-Teo, Suat Khoh
1986Using writing as a mode of learning mathematicsChong, Tian Hoo; Mccracken, Nancy M.
Jun-2007Using “what if...” questions to teach scienceTan, Kok Siang 
Nov-1975Utilisation of local resources to meet the training needs of the handicappedWong, Ruth H. K.
1982Utilization of charts and pictures for classroom instructionLim-Quek, Muriel
Jul-2011Utilizing a collaborative “Cross Number Puzzle” game on group scribbles to develop students’ computing ability of addition and subtractionChen, Yen-Hua; Chan, Tak-Wai; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Shao, Yin Juan; Lin, Chiu Pin
 2022Utilizing clickstream data to reveal the time management of self-regulated learning in a higher education online learning environmentCao, Taihe; Zhang, Zhaoli; Chen, Wenli ; Shu, Jiangbo
Jun-2009V.S.P.O.W.: An innovative collaborative writing approach to improve Chinese as L2 pupils' linguistic skillsWong, Lung Hsiang ; Chin, Chee Kuen; Chen, Wenli ; Gao, Ping
2008Validating a new measure of self-complexityLuo, Serena Wenshu; Watkins, David; Lam, Raymond Y. H.