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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020C-plasma derived precise volumetric buffering for high-rate and stable alloying-type energy storageOuyang, Bo; Chao, Dongliang; Jia, Guichong; Zhang, Zheng; Kan, Erjun; Jin Fan, Hong; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh 
2017C2FIP: A design framework for streamlining ICT-enhanced seamless science learning for wider diffusion in primary schoolsWong, Lung Hsiang ; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Goh, Su Fen
2019Calcium absorption in the fluted giant clam, Tridacna squamosa, may involve a homolog of voltage-gated calcium channel subunit α1 (CACNA1) that has an apical localization and displays light-enhanced protein expression in the ctenidiumCao-Pham, Anh H.; Hiong, Kum Chew; Boo, Mel Veen; Choo, Celine Yen Ling; Wong, Wai Peng; Chew, Shit Fun ; Ip, Yuen Kwong
2006Calculator use in primary school mathematics: A Singapore perspectiveKoay, Phong Lee
1982Called to be a teacher: A Christian and personal viewpointWong, Ruth H. K.
2019CAM plasticity in epiphytic tropical orchid species responding to environmental stressTay, Shawn; He, Jie ; Yam, Tim Wing
2002Can a community of practice exist online?Nichani, Maish R.; Hung, David 
2021Can a good break shot determine the game outcome in 9-ball?Pan, Jing Wen; Komar, John ; Sng, Shawn Bing Kai; Kong, Pui Wah 
Nov-1995Can advanced level chemistry students (11th and 12th graders) reason scientifically?Boo, Hong Kwen
Nov-1995Can cooperative learning strategy improve achievement in science?Low, Gek Chew; Goh, Ngoh Khang; Lee, Lucille Kam Wah; Chia, Lian Sai
2013Can ICT improve education outcomes? An experimental study in a Singapore primary schoolReyes, Vicente C.; Tan, Dennis K. H.
Nov-2010Can one-to-one computing help children learn cooperatively?Boticki, Ivica; Wong, Lung Hsiang ; Looi, Chee-Kit 
Nov-1995Can primary pupils do philosophy?Lim, Tock Keng; Loo, Cheng Peng
1997Can problem-solving skills be taught and assessed in the classroom?Lee, Lucille Kam Wah
Nov-1996Can undergraduates reason scientifically?Boo, Hong Kwen
Dec-1999Can we identify the reasons for a pupil’s low attainment in mathematics?Foong, Pui Yee
2015Can “less” create “more” in analogical reasoning?Huang, David Junsong ; Manu Kapur
2020Cancer family caregivers’ quality of life and the meaning of leisureLim, Jinsun; Cho, Heetae ; Bunds, Kyle S.; Lee, Chul-Won
 2022Capacity building as a driver for innovation and change: Different contexts, different pathwaysLee, Shu-Shing ; Seow, Peter Sen Kee 
2010Capturing the dynamics of narrative development in an oral storytelling performance: A multimodal perspectiveLwin, Soe Marlar