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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993“I am not clever enough”: Singapore students constructing meaning in English and ChineseWong, Ruth
Nov-1995I am responsible, I will do well!Wong, Lily Yee Sheung
2021“I expect boredom”: Students' experiences and expectations of multiliteracies learningLim, Fei Victor ; Weninger, Csilla ; Nguyen, Thi Thu Ha
2022'I feel like I'm fighting fire': Teaching the young and educationally disadvantagedYeo, Wan Ting; Tan, Aik Lim; Azilawati Jamaludin 
1995I never attempt to teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the condition in which they can learnLow, Guat Tin
2021I think therefore I learnTeo, Wei-Peng ; Azilawati Jamaludin 
2019“I'd still prefer to read the hard copy”: Adolescents’ print and digital reading habitsLoh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi 
1999"I'm talking to myself": Children's use of private speech for self-regulationTan-Niam, Carolyn
2020i-SATA: A MATLAB based toolbox to estimate current density generated by transcranial direct current stimulation in an individual brainRajan Kashyap; Sagarika Bhattacharjee; Ramaswamy Arumugam; Oishi, Kenichi; Desmond, John E.; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing
2021Ian McEwan's aesthetic stakes in adaptation as political rewriting: A study of Nutshell (2016) and The Cockroach (2019)Tan, Ian Xing Long 
2015Iconic gestures as undervalued representations during science teachingChue, Shien; Lee, Yew-Jin ; Tan, Kim Chwee Daniel 
2019IDC theory: Creation and the creation loopChan, Tak-Wai; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Chang, Ben; Chen, Wenli ; Wong, Lung Hsiang ; Wong, Su Luan; Yu, Fu-Yun; Mason, Jon; Liu, Chen-Chung; Shih, Ju-Ling; Wu, Ying-Tien; Kong, Siu Cheung; Wu, Longkai; Chien, Tzu-Chao; Liao, Calvin C. Y.; Cheng, Hercy; Chen, Zhi-Hong; Chou, Chih-Yueh
2020IDC theory: Habit and the habit loopChen, Wenli ; Chan, Tak-Wai; Wong, Lung Hsiang ; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Liao, Calvin C. Y.; Cheng, Hercy; Wong, Su Luan; Mason, Jon; So, Hyo-Jeong; Murthy, Sahana; Gu, Xiaoqing; Pi, Zhongling
Jun-2016Idea identification and analysis (I2A): A search for sustainable promising ideas within knowledge-building discourseLee, Alwyn Vwen Yen; Tan, Seng Chee ; Chee, Kelvin Joon Kit
2009Idea of ‘heat’ and students’ understanding of earth phenomenaWang, Xueli; Kim, Beaumie; Kim, Mi Song
1988The ideal and the pragmatics - bridging the gap in general paper teaching*Lim, Catherine
Apr-1972The ideal school environmentWong, Ruth H. K.
Jun-2010"Ideas first" in collaborative second language (L2) writing: An exploratory studyWen, Yun ; Chen, Wenli ; Looi, Chee-Kit 
Aug-1995Identifying additional selection criteria for training teachers of the giftedQuah, May Ling; Teo, Chua Tee 
Jul-2013Identifying and collecting primary sources of information in the archives and libraries in England, New Zealand, United States and Singapore to reconstruct the details of daily lives of the civilian internees at the Changi Prison and Sime Road Camp during the Japanese occupation of Singapore, 1942-1945: Issues and challengesLim, Peng Han