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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012N-acyl homoserine lactone production by Klebsiella pneumonia isolated from human tongue surfaceYin, Wai Fong; Kathiravan Purmal; Chin, Shenyang; Chan, Xin Yue; Koh, Chong Lek; Sam, Choon Kook; Chan, Kok Gan
2015Na+/K+-ATPase α-subunit (nkaα) Isoforms and their mRNA expression levels, overall Nkaα protein abundance, and kinetic properties of Nka in the skeletal muscle and three electric organs of the electric eel, electrophorus electricusChing, Biyun; Woo, Jia Min; Hiong, Kum Chew; Boo, Mel Veen; Choo, Celine Yen Ling; Wong, Wai Peng; Chew, Shit Fun ; Ip, Yuen Kwong
2022Nanoengineered carbon-based interfaces for advanced energy and photonics applications: A recent progress and innovationsLevchenko, Igor; Baranov, Oleg; Riccardi, Claudia; Roman, H. Eduardo; Cvelbar, Uros; Ivanova, Elena P.; Mohandas, Mandhakini; Scajev, Patrik; Malinauskas, Tadas; Xu, Shuyan ; Bazaka, Kateryna
2014Nanofabrication using home-made RF plasma coupled chemical vapour deposition systemOng, Ci Si; Usman Ilyas; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh 
2020Nanostructured polycrystalline Ni3S2 as electrode material for lithium ion batteriesKhan, I.A.; Rohit Medwal; Fareed, S.; Farid, A.; Vas, Joseph Vimal; Reddy, M. V.; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh 
2005A narrative history of music in Singapore 1819 to the presentDairianathan, Eugene ; Phan, Ming Yen
2011Narrative time and speculative fiction: Reflection of social conditions in temporal implicationsLwin, Soe Marlar
2007Narrowing the gap: The educational achievements of the Malay community in SingaporeTan, Charlene
2000National Education and the humanitiesGoh, Chor Boon
Nov-2008National education in secondary mathematics: Framework and teacher trainingWong, Khoon Yoong
1999National Education: Singaporeans who celebrated National Day on 3rd JuneTan, Wee Kiat; Wong, Angela F. L.; D'Rozario, Vilma
1993The national experience in pre-school educationSharpe, Pamela
1984National language as medium of instructionGopinathan, Saravanan
2020National survey of literature teachers’ beliefs and practicesChoo, Suzanne S. ; Yeo, Dennis Kah Sin ; Chua, Bee Leng ; Meenakshi Palaniappan; Ismath Beevi; Nah, Dominic
2021A national vision for information and communication technologies in education: Reflections on Singapore's ICT technologies MasterplansUma Natarajan; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Kumar Laxman
Jul-1993A nation’s search of shared family values: Implications for welfare policy and counsellingTan, Esther
2020Nature and perceptions of pre-class tasks used in a flipped linear algebra course for pre-service teachersNg, Wee Leng ; Teo, Kok Ming ; Wong, Khoon Yoong; Kwan, Kang Ling
2020Nature and self in the works of Munshi AbdullahHadijah Rahmat 
2012Nature of an attitudes toward learning mathematics questionnaireWong, Khoon Yoong; Chen, Qian
2014The nature of interactions between Chinese immigrant families and preschool staff: How culture, class, and methodology matterHeng, Tang Tang