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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Obesity prevention in Singapore: Collaborative efforts among government, health professionals and the communityNidhi Gupta; Chin, Ming-Kai; Yang, Jingzhen; Balasekaran, Govindasamy ; Chia, Michael ; Girandola, Robert N.; Edginton, Christopher R.; Mok, Magdalena Mo Ching
2001Object of the activity systems as a major barrier to the creative use of ICT in schoolsLim, Cher Ping
2014Observation on teacher quality: Critical analysis on observational instruments in pre-service teacher performance assessmentCaughlan, S.; Jiang, Heng 
Jul-1995Occupational stress in school administrators in SingaporeLim, Tock Keng
Jul-2011Of monsters and mayhem: Teaching suspense stories in a SingaporeTeo, Peter ; Kramer-Dahl, Anneliese
2015Office sitting made less sedentary: A future-forward approach to reducing physical inactivity at workChia, Michael ; Chen, Bokai; Haresh T. Suppiah
1992Old problems and new approaches: Motivation in history teachingGoh, Chor Boon
Nov-1994Olympic education in SingaporeAplin, Nick
Aug-1993Olympism in SingaporeAplin, Nick
2015On a certain vector crank modulo 7Hirschhorn, Michael D.; Toh, Pee Choon 
2016On certain pairs of q-series identitiesToh, Pee Choon 
1985On coping with the stresses of teachingTan, Esther
 2021On function spaces related to d-spacesLiu, Bei; Li, Qingguo; Ho, Weng Kin 
2006On graphs having no chromatic zeros in (1, 2)Dong, F. M. ; Koh, Khee Meng
2015On graphs having no flow roots in the Interval (1, 2)Dong, F. M. 
2018On graphs whose flow polynomials have real roots onlyDong, F. M. 
2014On Hardy-Pachpatte-Copson’s inequalitiesZhao, Chang-Jian; Cheung, Wing Sum
Apr-1992On improving reflective thinking through teacher educationChen, Ai-Yen; Seng, Alice Seok-Hoon
2009On in-service mathematics teachers’ content knowledge of calculus and related conceptsToh, Tin Lam 
Dec-2005On in-service mathematics teachers’ content knowledge on kinematicsToh, Tin Lam