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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Tablet PC and Sketchbook Pro in actionTan, Jason Seng Chong
2020Tailoring oxygen sensing characteristics of Co3O4 nanostructures through Gd dopingFareed, S.; Rohit Medwal; Vas, Joseph Vimal; Ijaz A. Khan; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Rafiq, M. A.
 2022Tailoring structural and magnetic viz. static and dynamic properties of soft magnetic CoFeB film with Ta incorporationHarsh Vardhan; Surendra Singh; Surbhi Gupta; Kavita Sharma; Yasmeen Jafri; Mukul Gupta; Reddy, V. R.; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh ; Ajay Gupta; Anil Gome; Gagan Sharma
2021Take your word or tone for it? European American and Chinese children's attention to emotional cues in speech.Yang, Yang ; Li, Wang; Qi, Wang
2015Taking a closer look at mathematical problem solvingNg, Lay Keow
1987Taking a walk around the ‘Belly of the Carp’ of Singapore river with primary school childrenLee, Christine Kim-eng
2009Taking faith seriously: Philosophical thoughts on religious educationTan, Charlene
2022A tale of two schools: Curriculum deliberation and school-level orientation in transforming knowledge through lesson studyGoh, Rachel Swee Peng; Fang, Yanping 
2014Talent development environmental factors in sport: A review and taxonomic classificationLi, Chunxiao; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Pyun, Do Young
2009Talk, language and learning in P1/P2 lessonsSilver, Rita ; Roksana Bibi Abdullah ; Curdt-Christiansen, Xiao Lan; Seetha Lakshmi ; Yang, Yanning; Yeo, Joseph Kai Kow ; Siti Azlinda Amasha
Apr-2005Talking about talk: Oral communication in the secondary classroomLoh, Chin Ee 
2009Talking beyond the here-and-now: Singaporean preschoolers' use of decontextualized languageGoh, Christine Chuen Meng ; Ho, Grace Li Jun
Jun-2010Talking with your mouth full: The role of a mediating tool in shaping collective positioningAnderson, Kate T.; Gresalfi, Melissa S.
Oct-1991Talks by two physical education specialists
-Tamil education in Singapore: Its achievements, problems and prospectsBalakrishnan, G.; Gopinathan, Saravanan
Apr-1995Tamil language in Singapore [Text in Tamil]Ramiah Kalimuthu
Jun-1996Tamil linguistic minority rights in Singapore: A case of cultural assimilation or subtractive bilingualism?Saravanan, Vanithamani
2020Taming cosmopolitanism: The limits of national and neoliberal civil education in two global citiesBaildon, Mark ; Alviar-Martin, Theresa
2020Taming “issue investigation”: Singapore secondary social studies teachers’ accounts of challenges encountered and strategies for copingYang, Peidong 
2021Tangrams: On attention and errorTay, Eng Guan