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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Xin yao: wen hua de ding weiDairianathan, Eugene ; Chia, Wei Khuan
1994Young children's adjustment to primary schoolSharpe, Pamela
2003Young children's concept of shape: Van Hiele visualization level of geometric thinkingHo, Siew Yin
2007Young children’s meaning-making through drawing and ‘telling’: Analogies to filmic textual featuresWright, Susan (Susan Kay)
2001Young children’s views of their worldPotter, Gillian
 2021Youth activism and education across contexts: Towards a framework of critical engagementsPeterson, Andrew; Evans, Mark; Fulop, Marta; Kiwan, Dina; Sim, Jasmine Boon-Yee ; Davies, Ian
2020Youth activism, engagement and the development of new civic learning spacesDavies, Ian; Evans, Mark; Fulop, Marta; Kiwan, Dina; Peterson, Andrew; Sim, Jasmine Boon-Yee 
Sep-1990Youth values : The able secondary students' views (in Chinese)Soh, Kay Cheng
2017Youth violence and interventions: Insights from a complex agent network modelCheong, Siew Ann; Sun, Kaixuan; Leaw, Jia Ning; Ang, Rebecca P. ; Huan, Vivien Swee Leng ; Chan, Wei Teng; Li, Xiang
2011A zero-free interval for chromatic polynomials of nearly 3-connected plane graphsDong, F. M. ; Jackson, Bill
2020Zero-free intervals of chromatic polynomials of hypergraphsZhang, Ruixue; Dong, F. M. 
2022Zero-free intervals of chromatic polynomials of mixed hypergraphsZhang, Ruixue; Dong, F. M. ; Zhang, Meiqiao
2002Zeros of adjoint polynomials of paths and cyclesDong, F. M. ; Teo, Kee Leong; Little, Charles H. C.; Hendy, Michael
2015Zeros of Jones polynomials of graphsDong, F. M. ; Jin, Xian'an
2020Zip product of graphs and crossing numbersOuyang, Zhangdong; Huang, Yuanqiu; Dong, F. M. ; Tay, Eng Guan 
2001δ-primary ideals of commutative ringsZhao, Dongsheng 
Sep-2002இலக்கியம் கற்பித்தலில் தகவல் தொழில் நுட்பத்தின் பங்கு (Literary enrichment with IT resources)Sivakumaran, A. R. A.
Sep-2001கணினிவழிச் சிந்தனைத் திறனைக் கற்பித்தல் (Teach the thinking skills through computer)Sivakumaran, A. R. A.
1-Oct-1992“கலாசார” உலகிற்த் தமிழர்கள் வழங்கிய நன்கொடை (Tamils' contribution to the world of culture)Thinnappan, S. P.
 2019கீழ்த் தொடக்கநிலை வகுப்புகளில் தமிழ் கற்பித்தல் [Tamil pedagogy of the early primary Tamil classes]Seetha Lakshmi