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Chong, Wan Har
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Possible selves offer significant potential in enriching our knowledge of the motivational worlds of adults and their well-being. The present study explored the pattern of adult possible selves across age and gender dimensions, the associations between adult possible selves and well-being, and the mediational role of personal strengths in the relationship between possible selves and well-being. A sample of 263 adults completed measures of possible selves, personal strengths (general self-efficacy, coping and learned optimism), and well-being. Results indicated that adults frequently described health, lifestyle, and career expected possible selves; intrapersonal, health and interpersonal feared possible selves; and health, intrapersonal and career balanced possible selves. Age and gender differences emerged in the content but not the configuration of possible selves. Emerging adults described more intrapersonal expected, feared, and balanced possible selves, while young and middle-aged adults described more career expected and feared possible selves. Health and lifestyle concerns were salient across emerging, young, and middle-aged adults. Emerging adults frequently described intrapersonal possible selves, while young and middle-aged adults frequently described career possible selves. Mediational analyses demonstrated that general self-efficacy and coping mediated the relationship between strategies for feared possible selves and well-being. Implications for the role of possible selves in elucidating adult well-being in an Asian context are discussed.
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