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Li, Jia
《环球汉语》(Global Chinese - Chinese language and Chinese culture)
《体验汉语》(Experiencing Chinese - culture)
文化教材 (Cultural Teaching Materials)
教材对比 (The teaching material contrast)
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As the basis for students to study and teachers to launch teaching activities, teaching materials play an important role in teaching activities. An excellent textbook plays a vital role in the entire teaching process. As China's international influence gradually increases, a growing number of indivudal begin to learn Chinese. However, the teaching materials of Chinese as a foreign language cannot to meet the needs of the majority of learners, especially the primary teaching materials of Chinese culture as a foreign language. "Global Chinese - Chinese and Chinese Culture" and "Experiencing Chinese - Culture" both belong to the primary teaching materials of Chinese culture as a foreign language, which have a wide range of influence in recent years and have a high usage rate. Therefore, the differences and advantages and disadvantages of these two differnet teaching materials in various aspects are a subject worth discussing. However, currently there are few comparative studies on the two different textbooks; hence, "Global Chinese - Chinese and Chinese Culture" and "Experiencing Chinese - Culture" are compared in many aspects, such as the writing idea, style, pronunciation, vocabulary and text, in this dissertation, in order to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the two differnet textbooks in the compilation. This dissertation can provide important suggestions to improve the primary comprehensive textbooks of Chinese culture as a foreign language.

This dissertation mainly contains five parts: The first part is the introduction. In the introduction part, this dissertation describes the reason of the topic selection, the purpose and significance of the research, research status and methods; The second part is to study the compiling idea and style of the two sets of textbooks. The third part compares the teaching theories of Chinese as a foreign language from three aspects of pronunciation, vocabulary, and text, respectively pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of the two sets of textbooks in various aspects. The fourth part is based on the comparative analysis of each part of the two sets of teaching materials, the targeted comprehensive teaching materials for the primary Chinese as a foreign language to put forward suggestions; The fifth part summarizes the research value and results of this paper.
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