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Discursive news values analysis (DNVA)
Corpus-assisted multimodal discourse analysis (CAMDA)
Cluster analysis
Corpus linguistics
News magazine covers
New values co-construction
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Zhang, W., & Cheung, Y. L. (2022). The co-construction of news values on news magazine covers: A corpus-assisted multimodal discourse analysis (CAMDA). Journalism Studies. Advance online publication.
Journalism Studies
Extant research from various perspectives has provided valuable insights into what news values are more frequently foregrounded across news types, topics, and outlets; and how they are constructed through verbal and visual resources. However, no research so far has examined how specific news values may be frequently co-constructed to package an individual news story and make it more appealing to potential readers. This research adopts the discursive news values analysis (DNVA) approach to examine the co-construction of news values in the multimodal discourse of TIME magazine covers (nā€‰=ā€‰300). To identify such co-construction, this study adopts cluster analysis, which has yet been deployed to study news values. The use of cluster analysis has identified six different combinations of news values repeatedly been observed together in clusters of covers. These combinations may represent what the magazine perceives as most attractive to the target audience. This study has also revealed intersemiotic relations in news values construction. While some news values are often reinforced across the verbal (i.e., cover line) and visual (i.e., cover image) semiotic modes, others rely more on the verbal mode. This study crosses disciplinary boundaries by bringing corpus linguistics techniques into journalism studies to understand a previously under-explored news genre.
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