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Seah, L. H., & Silver, R. E. (2022). Unpacking the language-related knowledge components of science teachers through the language awareness lens. In L. H. Seah, R. E. Silver, & M. C. Baildon (Eds.), The role of language in content pedagogy: A framework of teachers' knowledge (pp. 23-44). Springer.
Research from both science and literacy education has provided a rich repertoire of ways that the language demands of science can be addressed in classrooms. However, there has been relatively less research on knowledge required by teachers, so they can fully leverage on this repertoire. This study builds on the LRKCT framework proposed in Seah, Silver and Baildon (this volume) by identifying the main constructs in the framework within the domain of science education through empirical investigation. It focuses on unpacking teacher knowledge through the teacher language awareness (TLA) lens proposed by Andrews ( (2008). While the notion of TLA has been traditionally applied to language arts education, particularly in second language acquisition, more recent attempts have sought to apply this notion in the context of content education (Andrews & Lin 2017). This study extends this line of research by illustrating how the TLA lens can be used to provide a framework for capturing the foundational knowledge base that science teachers need in order to understand the language demands of science and to translate this knowledge base to classroom teaching. The data came from a study testing the assumption that raising science teacher’s language awareness improves their capacity to address the language demands in science lessons. A total of six teachers (from primary and secondary schools) took part in the project. To raise their TLA, a series of inquiry cycles based on their students’ writing was conducted. In the process, language-related knowledge to support science learning and communication was invoked and shared among the researchers and teachers.
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OER 16/16 SLH
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Ministry of Education, Singapore
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