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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Backward high energy ion beams from plasma focusRoshan, M. V.Lee, Paul Choon KeatLee, SingTalebitaher, A.Rawat, Rajdeep SinghSpringham, Stuart Victor
2004Bahasa inovatif bangsa progresifMohamed Pitchay Gani Bin Mohamed Abdul Aziz
2006Bahasa Melayu asas pembinaan tamadunMohamed Pitchay Gani Bin Mohamed Abdul Aziz
1990Bahasa Melayu: [Penggunaan, tatabahasa dan sebutan]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad, 1924-
2007Bahasa penyatu bangsa ideologi pembangun negaraMohamed Pitchay Gani Bin Mohamed Abdul Aziz
2011The balance control of children with and without hearing impairment in Singapore: A case studyTan, Jernice Sing YeeNonis, Karen P.Chow, Jia Yi
2016A balanced approach to teaching L2 speaking in ChinaHuang, ShuRenandya, Willy A.
2016Basketball layup: Foot loading characteristics and the number of trials necessary to obtain stable plantar pressure variablesChua, Kelvin YaohuiQuek, Raymond K. K.Kong, Veni Pui Wah
2016Beating the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt and the Svetlichny games with optimal statesSu, Hong-YiRen, ChangliangChen, Jing-LingZhang, Fu-LingWu, ChunfengXu, Zhen-PengGu, MileVinjanampathy, SaiKwek, Leong Chuan
2013Becoming a global subject: Language and the body in Xiaolu Guo’s A concise Chinese-English dictionary for loversPoon, Angelia
2012Becoming chemists through game-based inquiry learning: The case of Legends of AlkhimiaChee, Yam SanTan, Daniel Kim-Chwee
2011Beginner pre-service special education teachers’ learning experience during practicumNonis, Karen P.Tan, Jernice Sing Yee
2011Beginning teachers understanding performances of technology integrationGao, PingWong, Angela F. L.Choy, DorisWu, Jing
Jun-2014Beginning teachers’ pedagogical skills and knowledge towards positive pedagogic teacher-student relationshipsChoy, DorisWong, Angela F. L.Chong, Sylvia Nguik YinLim, Kam Ming
2013Beginning teachers’ perceptions of their pedagogical knowledge and skills in teaching: A three year studyChoy, DorisWong, Angela F. L.Lim, Kam MingChong, Sylvia Nguik Yin
2018Behavioral repertoire influences the rate and nature of learning in climbing: Implications for individualized learning design in preparation for extreme sports participationOrth, DominicDavids, KeithChow, Jia YiBrymer, EricSeifer, Ludovic
2015Being in the world: Literary practice and pedagogy in global timesPoon, Angelia
2018Being written: Thinking the normative in the EdDChua, Jude Soo Meng
2016Belasungkawa: Pendeta Dr. Muhammad Ariff AhmadHadijah Rahmat, 1958-
2015Belasungkawa: Tenas Effendy (Tengku Nasaruddin Said Effendy)Hadijah Rahmat, 1958-