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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Gaya bahasa dalam cerekaMohamed Aidil Subhan bin Mohamed Sulor
2014Gender and type of sport differences on perceived coaching behaviours, achievement goal orientations and life aspirations of youth Olympic games Singaporean athletesKoh, Koon TeckWang, John C. K.
2004Gender issues in leadership mentoringLim, Lee HeanLow, Guat Tin
2011Gene cloning and mRNA expression of glutamate dehydrogenase in the liver, brain, and intestine of the swamp eel, Monopterus albus (Zuiew), exposed to freshwater, terrestrial conditions, environmental ammonia, or salinity stressTok, Chia YeeChew, Shit FunIp, Yuen Kwong
2003General formalism of Hamiltonians for realizing a prescribed evolution of a qubitTong, D. M.Chen, Jing-LingKwek, Leong ChuanLai, C. H.Oh, Choo Hiap
2018A general transformation for theta series associated with the quadratic form x(2) + ky(2)Ho, Thi Phuong NhiToh, Pee Choon
2014Generalisation of linear figural patterns in secondary school mathematicsChua, Boon LiangHoyles, Celia
2008Generalized flying-qudit scheme in arbitrary dimensionsDurt, ThomasKwek, Leong ChuanKaszlikowski, Dagomir
2005Genetic polymorphisms in mitochondrial DNA hypervariable regions I, II and III of the Malaysian populationLian, Lay HoongKoh, Chong Lek
1994A gentle push for reluctant readersQuah, May Ling
2006Geometric phase in open systems: Beyond the Markov approximation and weak coupling limitYi, X. X.Tong, D. M.Wang, L. C.Kwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo Hiap
2012Getting children from low-income families to read: What worksLaw, Janet Siew Poh
2004Gisin’s theorem for three qubitsChen, Jing-LingWu, ChunfengKwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo Hiap
2012Global and national Imaginings: Deparochialising the IBDP English A1 curriculumLoh, Chin Ee
2017Global education and its tensions: Case studies of two schools in Singapore and the United StatesChoo, Suzanne Shen Li
2008Globalisation, the Singapore state and educational reforms: Towards performativityTan, Charlene H. P. (Charlene Hwee Phio)
2013Globalization and teacher development for spoken English instructionGoh, Christine Chuen Meng
2007Globalization in the language classroom: The case of the Waga Waga IslandsHo, Caroline Mei Lin
2009Globalization, multiple intelligences, and ELT in SingaporeChew, Phyllis Ghim Lian
2015Golf coaches’ perceptions of key technical swing parameters compared to biomechanical literatureSmith, Aimée C.Roberts, Jonathan R.Wallace, Eric S.Kong, Veni Pui WahForrester, Stephanie E.