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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2004Qualitative analysis practical work: An instructional packageTan, Daniel Kim-ChweeGoh, Ngoh KhangChia, Lian SaiTreagust, David F.
1997Qualities of mathematics teachers valued by pupilsLim, Lee Hean
2020Quality of life and meeting 24-h WHO guidelines among preschool children in SingaporeChia, Michael, 1963-Tay, Lee YongChua, Terence Buan Kiong
1991Quantification of teacher researchSoh, Kay Cheng
2005Quantitative conditions do not guarantee the validity of the adiabatic approximationTong, D. M.Singh, K.Kwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo Hiap
2000Quantum and classical geometric phase of the time-dependent harmonic oscillatorWang, Xiang-BinKwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo Hiap
2014Quantum computation in noiseless subsystems with fast non-Abelian holonomiesZhang, J.Kwek, Leong ChuanSjöqvist, E.Tong, D. M.Zanardi, P.
2011Quantum computational universality of the Cai-Miyake-D¨ur-Briegel two-dimensional quantum state from Affleck-Kennedy-Lieb-Tasaki quasichainsWei, Tzu-ChiehRaussendorf, RobertKwek, Leong Chuan
2013Quantum contextuality for a relativistic spin-1/2 particleChen, Jing-LingSu, Hong-YiWu, ChunfengDeng, Dong-LingCabello, AdánKwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo Hiap
2004Quantum cryptography: Security criteria reexaminedKaszlikowski, DagomirGopinathan, AjayLiang, Yeong CherngKwek, Leong ChuanEnglert, Berthold-Georg
2007Quantum dot as a resource for teleportation and state swappingChoo, Keng WahKwek, Leong Chuan
2007Quantum nonlocality of four-qubit entangled statesWu, ChunfengYeo, YeKwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo Hiap
2013Quantum nonlocality of massive qubits in a moving frameSu, Hong-YiWu, Yu-ChunChen, Jing-LingWu, ChunfengKwek, Leong Chuan
2006Quantum nonlocality of N-qubit W statesWu, ChunfengChen, Jing-LingKwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo Hiap
2020Quantum synchronization in nanoscale heat enginesJaseem, NoufalHajdušek, MichalVedral, VlatkoFazio, RosarioKwek, Leong ChuanSai Vinjanampathy
2005Quantum tomographic cryptography with a semiconductor single photon sourceKaszlikowski, DagomirKwek, Leong ChuanLim, Jenn YangWilleboordse, Frederick H.Looi, Shiang Yong
2004Quantum tunneling timeWang, Z. S.Kwek, Leong ChuanLai, C. H.Oh, Choo Hiap
2013Quantum zeno effect of general quantum operationsLi, YingHerrera-Marti, David A.Kwek, Leong Chuan
2003Quartic anharmonic oscillator and non-HermiticityChen, Jing-LingKwek, Leong ChuanOh, Choo Hiap
2012Quasideterministic realization of a universal quantum gate in a single scattering processCiccarello, F.Browne, D. E.Kwek, Leong ChuanSchomerus, H.Zarcone, M.Bose, S.