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Title: Neuronal structuring, learning, and instructional technologies: scaffolding
Authors: Hung, David Wei Loong
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Teaching and Learning, 22(2), 41-53
Abstract: In this paper, we first present three axioms of learning from a neuronal structuring perspective, giving light to how neuronal structuring might lead to learning. From such a perspective we highlight the instructional approaches of constructivism and behaviourism congruent to the axioms. Subsequently, we argue that in essence, we need to scaffold students along the lines of both abstract-general and concrete-authentic
thinking. Our argument is that both forms of thinking might foster neuronal structures which are stable and rich. We also discuss how teachers can use instructional technologies to scaffold students along
the concrete-abstract continuum. From such a discussion, we hope to balance the views of educators who advocate strong views of either
concrete or abstract methods in pedagogical approaches.
ISSN: 0129-7112
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