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Engaging mathematics curriculum: some exemplary practices in Singapore primary schools
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Teaching and Learning, 25(1), 115-126
It is known that changes in educational practices do not come quickly if teachers are not able to integrate new initiatives that are presented to them as isolated issues. There are, however, successful
strategies that could lead to long-term change when the local school site is the locus of change and where teachers are involved in innovation-related and problem-solving decision making. The change process focuses on problems that teachers consider important to their day-to-day routines. The purpose of this paper is to present a collection of exemplary practices that were carried out by the mathematics departments in some 60 schools in Singapore. The teachers of the projects reported, under
the leadership of the head of the department, identified a particular problem/need and came up with solutions or innovations to address the problem. The projects helped teachers, pupils and even parents in meeting the needs of a more engaging and relevant curriculum.
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