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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Using cognitive-relaxation therapy for anger reduction in early adolescentsGoh, Cheok Yean
2010Counselling supervision: perspectives of Singapore school counsellors and their self-efficacyYip, Chee Wei
2010The use of social and emotional learning to help students in transition from primary to secondary schoolCheng, Chee Seng
2011Group supervision in enhancing counsellors’ self-efficacy and professionalismAng, Tien Soong
2011Academic resilience : the integrative role of self and othersChua, Jenny
2011Who is "Daddy"? A study of the father identity in SingaporeLim, Joline Chun Mei
2012Healing experiences of people : an exploratory studyRavi Natvarlal Patel
2012Gaming addiction and its relationship with school performance and social relationship among primary school childrenKoh, Lai Ling
2012Mindfulness, irrational beliefs and health in mindfulness meditatorsTeo, Chuan Ann
2012The relationship between vocational interests and multiple intelligences among Singapore secondary students.Yap, Joanne Lay Lat
2012Exploring counsellors’ therapeutic experiences through peer consultationSabrena Abdullah E. J.
2012Pathological internet use and its relationship with parenting practices, social isolation and depressionChew, Lan Yang
2012Personal therapy as part of self-care among mental health professionals in Singapore : an exploratory studyTeo, Leng Leng
2013A study on the relationship between affectivity and efficacies of students in SingaporeTan, Yew Lin Regina
2013Bullying as a group process : attitudes, norms and behaviour in secondary schoolsChoo, Lay Kian
2013Expectations of counselling in a sample of female student-teachersVijaya Lalitha Machiraju
2013Role of perceived coping efficacy in adolescents’ perception of stressTan, Li hui
2013The relationship between Yoga practice and emotional states in healthy female adultsHuang, Zheng
2013Creativity self-efficacy, positivity and cultural orientation : a correlational studyChua, Mui Pheng
2013Children’s creative imagination and task-specific emotionsLow, Li Leen Anna