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Education for the celebral palsied: a review of two contemporary approaches
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Teaching and Learning, 15(2),61-66
The field of special education is as varied as it is changing, a situation which lends itself well to the development of new and ever more productive innovations, yet one which can also overwhelm and confuse the practitioner. It is my intention in this paper to clarify the current status of two contrasting approaches to the education of the cerebral palsied, and to examine the relative strengths and limitations
of each. These approaches are Conductive Education and Objectives Based Curriculum Development. While both of these approaches are 'contemporary', in as much as they are currently receiving substantial attention from both researches and practitioners, both have historical backgrounds rooted very much
earlier in this century. In this regard 'then, they are not 'new'
developments, but that they have persisted and continued to develop suggest that both have much to commend them.
In order to meet the goals of this paper it is necessary to begin with a brief examination of two facets of special education, namely, the historical development and current status of special education, and current thinking on definitions central to the field.
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