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Empowering trainee teachers with metacognitive knowledge and skills for proficient teaching practice
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Paper presented at the 3rd Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference, Singapore, 1 - 3 June 2009.
Trainee teachers have to undergo both theoretical amd practical training in all teacher education programmes. But it is the teaching practicum which is the acid test for differentiating the making of proficient teachers and those who are less effective in the classroom.

Some of the missing or weak "knowledge and skills" commonly observed in trainee teachers are: the inabiliry to multi-task, conditional knowledge(the whys and whens in strategy choice), students' diversity in ability and behaviour, group motivation,time-management,self-awareness of affective resources, management and organizational skills.

A combined lack of the above mentioned knowledge and skills can lead to a lesson plan heavy in subject content, with little consideration for students' needs, diversity and reactions to lesson. Few trainees realize the importance of metacognitive knowlege and regulation BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a lesson Scaffolding of trainee teachers with metacognitive knowledge and skills should take place BEFORE the Practicum, DURING and AFTER each lesson observation through group focus discussion and coaching.

Trainee teachers need to be empowered with metacognitive knowledge and skills in order to prepare. execute, monitor and evaluate a good lesson.
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