Metalinguistic awareness of primary five bilinguals in Singapore

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Metalinguistic awareness could be seen as the underlying construct that influences language use. Due to its ability to transcend languages, learners who are able to tap into their metalinguistic awareness could perform better on language tasks as compared to others with a low level of metalinguistic awareness.<br><br>One hundred and thirteen mainstream pupils as well as thirty-six pupils from the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) were selected for this empirical study. The aim of this study is to determine whether metalinguistic awareness has a bearing on language achievement in primary schooling. It will explore the relationship between bilingualism and metalinguistic awareness. Investigation was carried out to determine whether pupils who had a higher level of metalinguistic awareness were able to outperform those who had a lower level of metalinguistic awareness. The research question is very important as it may offer new insights into the way educators view language achievement.<br><br>This study has found that there was a closer relationship between the scores for English proficiency and metalinguistic awareness than that between Chinese proficiency scores and metalinguistic awareness. In addition, the closest relationship was found between the second level of metalinguistic awareness and the English language proficiency scores. Based on the findings, implications for further research are presented and discussed.