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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11985Role conflict and role ambiguity in relation to principals' perceptions of the importance of tasksMok, Siew Ming
21986The influence of training on the performance of teacher supervisorsChew-Goh, Geok Eng
31986The relationship of secondary school teachers' discipline style and classroom disciplineTan, Emerald Kim-mooi
41985Relationship of teacher receptivity to implementation of the new Lower Secondary history curriculumHuang, Chai Lean
51980Critical appraisal of Herbert Spencer's educational ideasPang, Ah-kaw
61989Organisational structure and teacher motivation in three secondary schools in SingaporeChen, Chee Kang
71987Teacher perceptions of the use of a multi-media English language curriculum packageSun, Huey Min
81987Confucian humanism and moral educationSim, Sock Hoon
91986Locus of control, self-concept, past performance and socio-economic status in relation to the academic achievement of Singapore technical college studentsKhoo-Ong, Pee Ying
101981Second-language socialization : a study of preschool children in SingaporeKhong, Lana Yiu Lan
111986The relationship between teacher morale and school climateWong, Ruth
121987Teachers' liability in school discipline and pupil injuriesNg, Lee Huat
131987The ability of secondary school students to generalise and to imagine possibilitiesCharles, Belinda
141987Effects of the cloze procedure on reading comprehensionGoh, Soon Biah
151986Relationships between the learning of history and the political awareness of junior college studentsHwang, Yuet Fong
161981A study of Malay students' reading ability in Bahasa Malaysia and EnglishYap, Swi Neo
171980Investigation of the basic vocabulary skills of A' level Chinese stream students in selected pre-university centres and junior colleges in SingaporeTan, Siok Hoon
181987Social correlates of English language proficiency of Primary Three pupils in SingaporeTeo, Eng Kee
191987Development of subtraction skills by primary school children in SingaporeChu, Chiu Wai
201988An investigation of two methods of teaching poetry to secondary one studentsHo, Bella
211987Linguistic variables as predictors of Chinese text readabilityTham, Tuck Meng
221987Attitudes to science of pre-service primary teachersRoy, S. Chandra
231987Socio-cultural factors and attitudes of Chinese Singaporeans towards English and MandarinSer, Larry Peng Quee
241987Linguistic difficulties encountered by secondary four Tamil students in their Tamil compositionsRamiah Kalimuthu (இராமையா காளிமுத்து)
251987An inquiry into the use of clinical supervision with student teachersNg, Maureen
261987The effects of positive reinforcement and punishment on upper primary pupils' disruptive behaviour and their perceptions of the classroom environmentOng, Pheng Yen
271985Science practical performance and cognitive preference of secondary school studentsKam, Kum Wone
281985A study of job satisfaction of teachers in SingaporeHo, Juan Beng
291984Perceptions of parental press, academic motivation and academic achievement of a sample of primary six Chinese pupilsNg, Tiat Seng
301986A study on the relationship between achievement and attitude towards local history by secondary school pupils in SingaporeGoh, Bian Koon
311986Relationship between principal leadership behaviour and the job satisfaction of teachersCheong, Heng Yuen
321986Relationship between anxiety, writing apprehension and performance in writingTay, Sor Har
331986A study of concept levels in three aspects of transformation geometryTay, Choon Hong
341985Classroom learning environment, academic self-concept and achievement among a sample of Primary Six pupilsDaulath Tajuddin
351985The contributions of enrichment activities towards science interest and science achievementLam-Kan, Kim Swee
361985The effectiveness of enhanced instructional methods in the teaching of map reading to secondary one pupilsYeo, Lee-hua
371985Change of self-concept among Primary Six pupils after leaving the Primary School Leaving ExaminationTan, Tuan Kiong
381987Returns to investment in education in SingaporeNg, Siew Fong
391987An analysis of the grammatical categories in the spoken English of Singapore children aged 5 to 9 yearsOw-Lim, Angela Geok Hua
401987Relationship between secondary school students' mathematics attitude and achievementNg-Gan, Lay Choo
411986The relationship between teacher perception of principal leadership behaviour and teacher job stressYong, Jenny Sow-chun
421985The effects of peer tutoring in mathematics on secondary two pupilsNg, Priscilla Chey Keng
431985A study of relationship between motivation of secondary school teachers and their commitment to the teaching professionLim, Han Soon
441989Correlates of science achievement in lower secondary studentsNg, Chee Kheong
451989Academic performance and health status of primary six school childrenYong, Lik-Sin
461989The social and personal correlates of English language achievement of Malay pupils in SingaporeJohari Mohamed Rais
471989Principals' pupil control ideology and school discipline effectivenessDawson, Richard
481989Effects of computer-assisted instruction on the learning of transformation geometryWoo-Tan, Jeann Lay Beng
491989The correlates of science achievement at pre-U one levelWoo, Huay Lit
501986The effectiveness of the guided discovery method and the telling method in the teaching of geography at secondary one levelNg, Ju Lang
Results 1-50 of 84 (Search time: 0.09 seconds).