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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1900What is creativity? Creativity as practiced in the Teacher Training Institution in Singapore
22-Mar-1972Drugs: The educator’s viewpointWong, Ruth H. K.
1975Moral education in SingaporeSoh, Kay Cheng
1982Called to be a teacher: A Christian and personal viewpointWong, Ruth H. K.
May-1987Country report on technical education in secondary schools and technical teacher training in SingaporeLow, Eric Yeow San
1988Sibling rivalrySharpe, Pamela
1991Test planning and constructionTan, Wee Kiat
1991Applying learning theories to the teaching of mathematicsLim-Teo, Suat Khoh
Oct-1991Mathematical discussion in the primary schoolKhoo, Phon Sai
Feb-1992Feeling and rhythmMcGill, Lewis J. O.
1994Integrative and interactive approaches to the teaching of reading in Singapore secondary schoolsSaravanan, Vanithamani
1997Can problem-solving skills be taught and assessed in the classroom?Lee, Lucille Kam Wah
2000Development & application of a diagnostic instrument to evaluate secondary students' conceptions of qualitative analysisTan, Kim Chwee Daniel 
2005Working out work: learning, identity, and history from the perspective of cultural-historical activity theoryLee, Yew-Jin 
2007Quan qiu hua yu jing yu ben tu kuang jia : xin hua san wen de Nanyang yu du hui wen hua shu xingKoh, Hock Kiat
May-2008The LearningHub@LIBRISYeo, Isabel; Chia, Meow Hui
2010Manual for coding negotiation for meaning in classroom interactionSilver, Rita ; Huynh, Thi Canh Dien
2010Singapore Early Years Longitudinal Study (Pilot study findings - 2010)Wright, Susan (Susan Kay); Lim, Audrey Swee Eng; Lim, Sirene May Yin; Tan, Liang See; Yang, Chien Hui; Poon, Kenneth K. 
 2010Essay: 'Jive talkin': Language and identity politics in Forever FeverTan, Marcus Cheng Chye 
2011Classroom observation procedures and fieldnote template (OER 40/12 RS)Silver, Rita