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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017CORE 3 Singapore Coding Scheme 3 for Character and Citizenship Education (SCS3-CCE)Kwek, Dennis Beng Kiat ; Fatema Anis Hussain; Divya Bhardwaj; Siti Hawa Mohamad Jonid; Wartik Hassan; Miller, Rifhan Noor; Tan, Christine; Lim, Shijian Viktor
2017CORE 3 Singapore Coding Scheme 3 for Social Studies (SCS3-SS)Kwek, Dennis Beng Kiat ; Fatema Anis Hussain; Divya Bhardwaj; Siti Hawa Mohamad Jonid; Wartik Hassan; Miller, Rifhan Noor; Lim, Shijian Viktor
May-1987Country report on technical education in secondary schools and technical teacher training in SingaporeLow, Eric Yeow San
2012CRC annotation manual: Coding for Questioning the Author (QtA) features: QtA queries and discussion moves (OER 09/10 RS)Raslinda Ahmad Rasidir; Foong, Poh Yi; Silver, Rita 
2000Development & application of a diagnostic instrument to evaluate secondary students' conceptions of qualitative analysisTan, Kim Chwee Daniel 
22-Mar-1972Drugs: The educator’s viewpointWong, Ruth H. K.
2014Early childhood education in Asia: SingaporeKaruppiah, Nirmala 
-Educational policies: Towards parity of treatmentEng, Soo Peck
2022Enrichment lessons/materials for exploring the Eurasian communityLiu, Shuyun; Sim, Teddy Yong Huei 
 2010Essay: 'Jive talkin': Language and identity politics in Forever FeverTan, Marcus Cheng Chye 
Oct-2015Explanation of analysis sheet (SUG 04/12 RS)Siti Azlinda Amasha; Silver, Rita ; Netto-Shek, Jo-Ann ; Yeo, Joseph Kai Kow 
2017Facilitating boundary crossing for interdisciplinary research collaborationHuang, David Junsong 
Feb-1992Feeling and rhythmMcGill, Lewis J. O.
2021Guide to NIE projects researching English language and literature teaching from pre-school to pre-university: Completed 2010-2020Jones, Sally Ann ; Loh, Chin Ee ; Teoh, Yong Qin
2-Jun-2011Instructional tasks in mathematics classes in SingaporeHogan, David; Ridzuan Abdul Rahim
1994Integrative and interactive approaches to the teaching of reading in Singapore secondary schoolsSaravanan, Vanithamani
-Language in education: A Singapore perspectiveGopinathan, Saravanan
May-2008The LearningHub@LIBRISYeo, Isabel; Chia, Meow Hui
2018Library tour using Virtual Reality: The National Institute of Education Library experienceLau, Douglas; Loo, Sandie; Wong, Jacky Kae Perng
2-Jun-2011Making connections through promoting mathematical thinking skillsLim-Teo, Suat Khoh