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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Scoping review of mindfulness research- A topic modelling approach
Jun-2016Scoring student tests in reading comprehension (OER 09/10 RS & OER 40/12 RS)Foong, Poh Yi; Silver, Rita 
2018A self-instructional module on the uses of error analysisSeet, Oliver B. H.
1988Sibling rivalrySharpe, Pamela
2010Singapore Early Years Longitudinal Study (Pilot study findings - 2010)Wright, Susan (Susan Kay); Lim, Audrey Swee Eng; Lim, Sirene May Yin; Tan, Liang See; Yang, Chien Hui; Poon, Kenneth K. 
2017Singapore update on Open AccessOoi, Lian Ping
-Singapore’s experience in the writing and teaching of Confucian ethics as a school subject: An abstract.Lau, Wai Har
2-Jun-2011Some "what" strategies to engage students in reasoning and communication in the primary mathematics classroomKaur, Berinderjeet 
-Tamil education in Singapore: Its achievements, problems and prospectsBalakrishnan, G.; Gopinathan, Saravanan
1991Test planning and constructionTan, Wee Kiat
-Towards excellence in education: The Singapore experienceLee, Christine Kim-eng
2-Jun-2011What can we do without using similarity and congruency?Zhao, Dongsheng 
1900What is creativity? Creativity as practiced in the Teacher Training Institution in Singapore
2005Working out work: learning, identity, and history from the perspective of cultural-historical activity theoryLee, Yew-Jin 
-克服词汇贫乏的写作教学方法Leong, Weng Kee