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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Effect of the timing of low-dose caffeine on 3-point shooting accuracy in college basketball playersTan, Zhi Sen
2021The histories and geographies of Vietnamese migration to global city - SingaporeSharma, Rachna
2021Hu lian wang huan jing xia guo ji zhong wen jiao xue xue xi zhi chi fu wu xi tong dui bi yan jiu -- A comparative analysis of online learning support service systems for the Chinese languageShen, Chenxin
2021A critical analysis of the features and design considerations of interactive microlectures on Chinese characters learning for young learners of Chinese as a second languageChen, Xinying
2021Selection and teaching of literary texts in second language teaching : a comparative study of two advanced Chinese textbooksZheng, Junyue
2021Guo ji han yu jiao cai Zhongguo gu dai wen xue zuo pin de xuan bian yan jiu : ji yu zu he shi jiao cai bian xie li lun = A study on the selection and compilation of ancient Chinese literary works in international Chinese textbooks : based on the compilation theory of assembly-based textbooksZhang, Luochunyi
2021A textbook corpus-based analysis of existential sentenceWu, Xun
2021A study of the Hanyu Pinyin Fang'an from the perspectives of learning Chinese as a second languageWu, Shengming
2021A study of the compilation system of the teaching of Chinese character writing in Singapore primary school Chinese textbookWang, Jiahui
2021A pragmatist-inspired philosophy of lifelong and lifewide music learningTan, Jasmin Jiemin
2021Zai wen hua jian xi shi jiao xia jiang wen xue rong ru guo ji han yu jiao xue = Integrating literature into teaching Chinese as a second language from the perspective of cultural in-betweennessHe, Qian Ru
2021A comparative study of the mobile app in Chinese vocabulary learningGu, Rui
2021Local literature in second-language textbooks : a case study of Singapore Chinese poems in textbooksFeng, Wei
2021A study on Chinese Language B assessment under the IB Diploma ProgrammeXu, Jingrui
2021A textbook corpus-based analysis of subject-predicate predicate sentencePan, Yuyang
2021Fifty years of Singapore Chinese literature in secondary school literature textbooks : a review and prospectOng, Siew Sze
2021A study on incorporating Singaporean Chinese children's poetry into primary school textbooksLi, Xuanying
2021Dian zi ban han yu xue xi ci dian de tan jiu = An exploration of the electronic Chinese learner's dictionaryLi, Xin
2021A critical analysis of literature on ICT-assisted communicative Chinese teaching and learningHuang, Fan Yi
2013An investigation of the views and perspectives of parents whose children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorderHo, Evelyn Sue Shen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 247