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Title: Teaching primary mathematics creatively: Some insights for educators
Authors: Tan, Ai-Girl
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: Tan, A. G. (1998). Teaching primary mathematics creatively: Some insights for educators. The Mathematics Educator, 3(1), 38-49.
Abstract: Teaching mathematics creatively is essential. Creative teaching that is interesting and challenging can motivate pupils' learning. Teaching creatively means teaching with variations and innovations. There are various components of creative mathematics lessons. Basic pedagogical components include planning, managing, communication and evaluation. Creative expertise comprises the content of a subject, developmental psychology, and creative techniques. Teachers should also be familiar with various modes of assessment. They should self motivate, and be able to motivate their pupils. Educational policies and the school culture constitute two essential components that influence teachers' beliefs in and attitudes towards creative education. A model is presented illustrating these components. This paper highlights the components with some observations of mathematics teaching, and findings of student teachers' perception of stress during teaching practice. Suggestions on how to convince student teachers of the importance of creative mathematics education are discussed.
ISSN: 0218-9100
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