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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A portable software for tracking and monitoring daily lifestyle habits: On-going research in schoolsQuek, Jin Jong; Chia, Tet Fatt; Chia, Michael, 1963-; Wang, John C. K.; Mok, Joyce Chiu-Fui
2006Patterns of physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and psychological determinants of physical activity among Singaporean school childrenWang, John C. K.; Chia, Michael, 1963-; Quek, Jin Jong; Liu, Woon Chia
Apr-2008Concurrent validity of power output derived from the non-motorised treadmill test in sedentary adultsChia, Michael, 1963-; Lim, Jamie M.
Nov-2008Pitfalls in the use of allometry in accounting for differences in body mass in relation to maximal oxygen uptake in trained athletesChia, Michael, 1963-; Abdul Rashid Aziz
Apr-2008Modelling maximal oxygen uptake in athletes: Allometric scaling versus ratio-scaling in relation to body massChia, Michael, 1963-; Abdul Rashid Aziz
2008Effect of fatigue on mass exponents and power in all-out intensity repeated sprints on a non-motorized treadmill in sedentary adultsChia, Michael, 1963-; Lim, Jamie Mervyn
2004Velocity-specific torque of Singaporean adultsQuek, Jin Jong; Chia, Michael, 1963-
2006Evaluation of the lactate pro portable blood lactate analyser involving multiple-tester approachMukherjee, Swarup; Chia, Michael, 1963-
2004Performances of men and women in repeated cycle sprints separated by limited recovery intervalsChia, Michael, 1963-
2005Measures of reliability and validity of school-based pedometer step counts in Singaporean childrenChia, Michael, 1963-; Wang, John C. K.; Quek, Jin Jong