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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Effective dynamics of cold atoms flowing in two ring-shaped optical potentials with tunable tunnelingAghamalyan, Davit; Amico, Luigi; Kwek, Leong Chuan
1998Bures fidelity of displaced squeezed thermal statesKwek, Leong Chuan; Wang, Xiang-Bin; Oh, Choo Hiap
2008Berry’s phase under the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactionKwan, M. K.; Gurkan, Zeynep Nilhan; Kwek, Leong Chuan
2001Entangled three-state systems violate local realism more strongly than qubits: An analytical proofChen, Jing-Ling; Kaszlikowski, Dagomir; Kwek, Leong Chuan; Oh, Choo Hiap; Zukowski, Marek
2005Continuous multipartite entangled state in Wigner representation and violation of the Zukowski-Brukner inequalityWu, Chunfeng; Chen, Jing-Ling; Kwek, Leong Chuan; Oh, Choo Hiap; Xue, Kang
2005Experimental Quantum Cloning with Prior Partial InformationDu, Jiangfeng; Durt, Thomas; Zou, Ping; Li, Hui; Kwek, Leong Chuan; Lai, C. H.; Oh, Choo Hiap; Ekert, Artur
24-May-2004Operator-sum representation of time-dependent density operators and its applicationsTong, D. M.; Kwek, Leong Chuan; Chen, Jing-Ling; Ma, L.
2013Operator quantum zeno effect: Protecting quantum information with noisy two-qubit interactionsWang, Shu-Chao; Li, Ying; Wang, Xiang-Bin; Kwek, Leong Chuan
2004Coincidence Bell inequality for three three-dimensional systemsAcin, A.; Chen, Jing-Ling; Gisin, N.; Kaszlikowski, Dagomir; Kwek, Leong Chuan; Oh, Choo Hiap
2002Direct estimations of linear and nonlinear functionals of a quantum stateEkert, Artur K.; Alves, Carolina Moura; Oi, Daniel K. L.; Horodecki, Michal; Horodecki, Pawel; Kwek, Leong Chuan