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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A portable software for tracking and monitoring daily lifestyle habits: On-going research in schoolsQuek, Jin Jong; Chia, Tet Fatt; Chia, Michael, 1963-; Wang, John C. K.; Mok, Joyce Chiu-Fui
2006Patterns of physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and psychological determinants of physical activity among Singaporean school childrenWang, John C. K.; Chia, Michael, 1963-; Quek, Jin Jong; Liu, Woon Chia
2004A longitudinal study of adolescents’ academic self-concept and their perceptions of home environment and classroom climateWang, John C. K.; Liu, Woon Chia
2011A motivational analysis of project work in Singapore using self-determination theoryWang, John C. K.; Liu, Woon Chia; Koh, Caroline; Tan, Oon Seng; Ee, Jessie
2010Influence of perceived motivational climate on achievement goals in physical education: A structural equation mixture modeling analysisWang, John C. K.; Liu, Woon Chia; Chatzisarantis, Nikos; Lim, Carol Boon San
2003A meta-analysis of perceived locus of causality in exercise, sport, and physical education contextsChatzisarantis, Nikos; Hagger, Martin S.; Biddle, Stuart J. H.; Smith, Brett; Wang, John C. K.
2009An intra-individual analysis of players’ perceived coaching behaviours, psychological needs, and achievement goalsWang, John C. K.; Koh, Koon Teck; Chatzisarantis, Nikos
Dec-2012Helping teachers to be more autonomy supportive in the classroom - An intervention studyWang, John C. K.; Liu, Woon Chia; Ryan, Richard M.; Lim, Coral Boon San; How, Yew Meng
Oct-2013Chronic inhibition, self-control and eating behavior: Test of a ‘Resource Depletion' modelHagger, Martin S.; Panetta, Giulia; Leung, Chung-Ming; Wong, Ging Ging; Wang, John C. K.; Chan, Derwin K.C.; Keatley, David A.; Chatzisarantis, Nikos
2005Physical self-perceptions in adolescence: Generalizability of a multidimensional, hierarchical model across gender and gradeHagger, Martin S.; Biddle, Stuart J. H.; Wang, John C. K.