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2020Discharge mode transition in a Krypton-fed 1 A-class LaB6 cathode for lowpower Hall thrusters for small satellitesPotrivitu, George-Cristian; Xu, L.; Huang, Shih-Hao; Mohd Rohaizat Abdul Wahab; Xu, Shuyan 
2016High quality hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin films with enhanced growth rates for surface passivation in an Al2O3 based ICP reactorLim, Mark Jian Wei; Chan, Chia Sern; Xu, Luxiang; Ong, T. M.; Huang, Shiyong; Wei, Deyuan; Guo, Yingnan; Xu, Shuyan 
2018Lightning under water: Diverse reactive environments and evidence of synergistic effects for material treatment and activationLevchenko, Igor; Bazaka, Kateryna; Baranov, Oleg; Sankaran, R. Mohan; Nomine, Alexandre; Belmonte, Thierry; Xu, Shuyan 
 2021A low-current LaB6 open-end knife-edge emitter hollow cathode for low-power hall thrustersPotrivitu, George-Cristian; Xu, L.; Xu, Shuyan 
2021Plasma and polymers: Recent progress and trendsLevchenko, Igor; Xu, Shuyan ; Baranov, Oleg; Bazaka, Olha; Ivanova, Elena P.; Bazaka, Kateryna
2018Precise calibration of propellant flow and forces in specialized electric propulsion test systemLim, Mark Jian Wei; Huang, Shiyong; Sun, Yu-Fei; Lu, Luxiang; Sim, Roysmond Zhen Wei; Yee, Jen Siong; Zhang, Zhonglin; Levchenko, Igor; Xu, Shuyan 
2020A review of low-power electric propulsion research at the Space Propulsion Centre SingaporePotrivitu, George-Cristian; Sun, Yu-Fei; Muhammad Wisnuh Aggriawan Rohaizat; Cherkun, Oleksil; Huang, Shiyong; Xu, Shuyan 
2016Scalable production of silicon nanocone solar cells in integrated plasma photovoltaic nanofabrication clusterHuang, Shiyong; Lim, Mark Jian Wei; Chan, Chia Sern; Xu, Shuyan ; Wei, Deyuan; Guo, Yingnan; Xu, Luxiang; Ostrikov, Kostya (Ken)
2010Structural, electronic, and optical properties of wurtzite and rocksalt InN under pressureDuan, Man-Yi; He, Lin; Xu, Ming; Xu, Ming-Yao; Xu, Shuyan ; Ostrikov, Kostya (Ken)
1998Teaching physics using an IT toolXu, Shuyan 
2016Ultra-low reflective silicon surfaces for photovoltaic applicationsLim, Mark Jian Wei; Huang, Shiyong; Chan, Chia Sern; Xu, Shuyan ; Wei, Deyuan; Guo, Yingnan; Xu, Luxiang; Ostrikov, Kostya (Ken)