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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Academic self-efficacy, task importance and interest: Relations with English language learning in an Asian contextBai, Barry; Nie, Youyan ; Lee, Ai Noi 
2008Control and care: The complementary roles in classroom managementNie, Youyan ; Lau, Shun
2020Designing an instrument to assess the outcomes of an outdoor education programme under the MOE outdoor education masterplan on secondary student participantsChua, Bee Leng ; Ho, Susanna Choon Mei; Seng, Yvonne Bee Gek ; Nie, Youyan ; Liem, Gregory Arief D. 
2020Development and validation of an autonomy-supportive school leadership behaviours scaleLee, Ai Noi ; Nie, Youyan 
2013Development and validation of the School Leader Empowering Behaviours (SLEB) scaleLee, Ai Noi ; Nie, Youyan 
2006Differential effects of traditional and constructivist instruction on students’ cognition, motivation, and achievementLau, Shun; Nie, Youyan 
 2022Examining the role of perceived classroom goal structures and parents' goals in ESL/EFL learners' achievement goals, engagement and achievementWang, Jing; Bai, Barry; Nie, Youyan 
2007Instructional practices, classroom management, and their relations to students' motivational, cognitive, behavioral, and achievement outcomesNie, Youyan 
2015Investigating the pedagogical approaches related to changes in attitudes toward statistics in a quantitative methods course for psychology undergraduate studentsLiau, Albert; Kiat, John E.; Nie, Youyan 
2019Lessons from resilience-nurturing environments: Classroom practices of turnaround teachersCaleon, Imelda S. ; Tan, Michelle Yuen Sze; Chua, Jenny; Nie, Youyan ; Nur Qamarina Ilham; Tan, Raphaela Hui Yi; Lee, Fang Hui
2020Perceived principal's learning support and its relationships with psychological needs satisfaction, organisational commitment and change-oriented work behaviour: A Self-Determination Theory’s perspectiveLee, Ai Noi ; Nie, Youyan ; Bai, Barry
2016The power of beliefs in impacting motivation: Motivating the academically unmotivatedWang, John Chee Keng ; Chiu, Chi-yue; Hong, Ying-yi; Liu, Woon Chia ; Tay, Eng Guan ; Nie, Youyan ; Chye, Stefanie Yen Leng ; Liem, Gregory Arief D. ; Lim, Coral Boon San; Sim, Clare Miao Qin
2020Problem-based Learning: A study on its impact on learners’ motivation, strategy use, learning processes and academic achievement.Chua, Bee Leng ; Nie, Youyan ; Chye, Stefanie Yen Leng ; Liem, Gregory Arief D. 
2008Relations of authoritative parenting style to student outcomes: The mediating role of self-efficacy and task valueAye, Khin Maung; Lau, Shun; Nie, Youyan 
2015The role of authentic tasks in promoting twenty-first century learning dispositionsTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling; Nie, Youyan 
Dec-2008A study on the implementation of "Strategies for Effective Engagement and Development' (SEED): Pilot and development of large scale grant proposalDixon, Mary; Stinson, Madonna; Silver, Rita ; Green, Nicole; Nie, Youyan ; Wright, Susan (Susan Kay); Pak, Seunghee; Anand, Mercy Karuniah J.
2017Study orchestrations and motivational differences in a mathematical contextChue, Kah Loong ; Nie, Youyan 
2012The teacher efficacy scale: A reliability and validity studyNie, Youyan ; Lau, Shun; Liau, Albert
2017Teachers’ perceptions of school leaders’ empowering behaviours and psychological empowerment: Evidence from a Singapore sampleLee, Ai Noi ; Nie, Youyan 
2018Turning achievement around: Predictors of academic resilience of academically at-risk students in SingaporeNie, Youyan ; Tan, Jennifer Pei-Ling; Tan, Chee Soon ; King, Ronnel B.; Kalthom Ahmad; Caleon, Imelda S.