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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The 2019 Brumadinho tailings dam collapse: Possible cause and impacts of the worst human and environmental disaster in BrazilRotta, Luz Henrique Silva; Alcantara, Enner; Park, Edward ; Negri, Rogerio Galante; Lin, Nina Yunung; Bernardo, Nariane; Mendes, Tatiana Sussel Goncalves
 2021The 2020 Hpakant jade mine disaster, Myanmar: A multi-sensor investigation for slope failureLin, Nina Yunung; Park, Edward ; Wang, Yu; Quek, Yu Pin; Lim, Jana; Alcantara, Enner; Ho, Huu Loc
 2021The 2020 Hpakant Jade Mine disaster, Myanmar: A multi-sensor investigation for slope failureLin, Yunung Nina; Park, Edward ; Wang, Yu; Quek, Yu Pin; Lim, Jana; Alcantara, Enner; Ho, Huu Loc
 2021The Ayeyarwady river (Myanmar): Washload transport and its global role among rivers in the AnthropoceneLatrubesse, Edgardo M.; Park, Edward ; Kastner, Karl
2020Characterizing channel-floodplain connectivity using satellite altimetry: Mechanism, hydrogeomorphic control, and sediment budgetPark, Edward 
 2023Deadly disasters in southeastern South America: Flash floods and landslides of February 2022 in Petrópolis, Rio de JaneiroAlcantara, Enner; Marengo, Jose A.; Mantovani, Jose Roberto; Londe, Luciana; Lau, Rachel Yu San; Park, Edward ; Lin, Nina Yunung; Wang, Jingyu ; Mendes, Tatiana Sussel Goncalves; Cunha, Ana Paula; Pampuch, Luana; Seluchi, Marcelo; Simoes, Silvio; Cuartas, Luz Adriana; Goncalves, Demerval; Massi, Klecia; Alvala, Regina; Moraes, Osvaldo; Filho, Carlos Souza; Mendes, Rodolfo; Nobre, Carlos
2020Dramatic decrease of flood frequency in the Mekong Delta due to river-bed mining and dyke constructionPark, Edward ; Ho, Huu Loc; Tran, Dung Duc; Yang, Xiankun; Alcantara, Enner; Merino, Eder; Song, Vu Hai
2020Editorial for the special issue “Remote Sensing of Large Rivers”Alcantara, Enner; Park, Edward 
2022Environmental issues in the Mekong Delta: Drivers, consequences, and management outlooksPark, Edward 
2021Flood monitoring in rural areas of the Pearl River Basin (China) using Sentinel-1 SARQiu, Junliang; Cao, Bowen; Park, Edward ; Yang, Xiankun; Zhang, Wenxin; Tarolli, Paolo
 2022Geomorphic control on stage-area hysteresis in three of the largest floodplain lakesAng, Wei Jing; Park, Edward ; Yang, Xiankun
 2022How much inundation occurs in the Amazon River basin?Fleischmann, Ayan Santos; Papa, Fabrice; Fassoni-Andrade, Alice; Melack, John M.; Wongchuig, Sly; Paiva, Rodrigo Cauduro Dias; Hamilton, Stephen K.; Fluet-Chouinard, Etienne; Barbedo, Rafael; Aires, Filipe; Ahmad Al Bitar; Bonnet, Marie-Paule; Coe, Michael; Ferreira-Ferreira, Jefferson; Hess, Laura; Jensen, Katherine; McDonald, Kyle; Ovando, Alex; Park, Edward ; Parrens, Marie; Pinel, Sébastien; Prigent, Catherine; Resende, Angélica F.; Revel, Menaka; Rosenqvist, Ake; Rosenqvist, Jessica; Rudorff, Conrado; Silva, Thiago S. F.; Yamazaki, Dai; Collischonn, Walter
2021How the saline water intrusion has reshaped the agricultural landscape of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta, a reviewHo, Huu Loc; Low, Mindy Lixian; Park, Edward ; Tran, Duc Dung; Sangam Shrestha; Yoon, Yong-Jin
2023The impact of Chinese dam construction on the Mekong downstream: Implications for VietnamClarke, Ryan; Park, Edward 
 2022Increased burned area in the Pantanal over the past two decadesCorre, Danielle Blazys; Enner, Alcantara; Libonati, Renata; Massi, Klecia Gili; Park, Edward 
2020Inferring floodplain bathymetry using inundation frequencyPark, Edward ; Emadzadeh, Adel; Enner, Alcantara; Yang, Xiangyu; Ho, Huu Loc
2021Intensifying saline water intrusion and drought in the Mekong Delta: From physical evidence to policy outlooksHo, Huu Loc; Doan, Van Binh; Park, Edward ; Sangam Shrestha; Tran, Duc Dung; Vu, Hai Son; Nguyen, Hoang Thu Truc; Nguyen, Phuong Mai; Seijger, Chris
 2022Mainstreaming ecotourism as an ecosystem-based adaptation in Vietnam: Insights from three different value chain modelsNgo, Thi Thu Trang; Nguyen, Thi Quynh Trang; Ho, Huu Loc; Park, Edward 
 2022Mapping volumetric soil moisture in the Vietnamese Red River Delta using Landsat 8 imagesHo, Huu Loc; Vu, Hai Son; Tran, Dung Duc; Park, Edward ; Giang, Anh Dung
 2022Monsoonal variations of lead (PB) in coastal waters around SingaporeChen, Mengli; Carrasco, Gonzalo; Park, Edward ; Morgan, Kyle; Tay, Serene Hui Xin; Jani Tanzil; Ooi, Seng Keat; Zhou, Kuanbo; Boyle, Edward A.