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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003An acoustic analysis of Singapore English with special reference to its pedagogical applications (2000-2003)Low, Ee Ling 
Nov-2009Building an evidence-base for initiaul teacher education (ITE) in NIE: A bridging projectLow, Ee Ling ; Lim, Kam Ming ; Tay, Eng Guan ; Ng, Pak Tee ; Selim Ben Said; Hui, Chenri; Lam, Audrey
2014Building an evidence-base for teacher education: Phase I: Pedagogical characterization of an initial teacher education classroomLow, Ee Ling ; Ng, Pak Tee ; Hui, Chenri; Lin, Jane Huiling
2020Building an evidence-based to support teacher growth: A career-long perspective (Phase I).Low, Ee Ling ; Tan, Jocelyn Shi Yah
2014Character and citizenship education: Conversations between personal and societal valuesSim, Jasmine Boon-Yee ; Low, Ee Ling 
2016The contribution of teacher education in Singapore to the development of teacher competencies and IdentityLow, Ee Ling ; Ng, Pak Tee ; Cai, Li
2015A description of the Yunnan English accentAo, Ran; Low, Ee Ling 
2017Developing student teachers’ critical thinking and professional values: A case study of a teacher educator in SingaporeLow, Ee Ling ; Hui, Chenri; Cai, Li
Apr-2013Developing teacher leadership in Singapore: Multiple pathways for differentiated journeysGoodwin, A. Lin; Low, Ee Ling ; Ng, Pak Tee 
2021EIL pronunciation research and practice: Issues, challenges, and future directionsLow, Ee Ling 
2020Emergent features of young Singaporean speech: An investigatory study of the labiodental /r/ in Singapore EnglishKwek, Geraldine ; Low, Ee Ling 
2018English in Singapore: Striking a new balance for future-readinessLow, Ee Ling ; Pakir, Anne
2015Enhancing playful teachers’ perception of the importance of ICT use in the classroom: The role of risk taking as a mediatorGoodwin, A. Lin; Low, Ee Ling ; Ng, Pak Tee ; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing; Cai, Li
2018An exploratory study of beginning teacher mentoring practices in SingaporeLow, Ee Ling 
2020An exploratory study of beginning teacher mentoring practices in SingaporeLow, Ee Ling ; Ng, Pak Tee ; Goodwin, A. Lin; Liu, Woon Chia ; Goh, Sao-Ee; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing; Chua-Lim, Yen Ching; Sarifah Noor Aini Bte Syed Mahmood; Pandian, S. P. Jeyarajadas; Cai, Li; Hui, Chenri; Cheong, Beng Cheong
 2022The future of work in education: Teachers' professional commitment in a changing worldLow, Ee Ling ; Goh, Sao-Ee; Tan, Jocelyn Shi Yah
May-2013Group endeavours in service learning in the National Institute of Education: Experiential/service learning in a teacher training programmeLow, Ee Ling 
2019How do teacher affective and cognitive self-concepts predict their willingness to teach challenging students?Low, Ee Ling ; Ng, Pak Tee ; Hui, Chenri; Cai, Li
2009IELTS and its correlation with teachers' communicative competenceChong, Sylvia; Low, Ee Ling ; Lubna Alsagoff
2022Local evidence synthesis on baseline research to inform SkillsFuture for educatorsLow, Ee Ling ; Liu, Woon Chia ; Chye, Stefanie Yen Leng ; Costes-Onishi, Pamela Grace ; Tan, Jocelyn Shi Yah; Kumar, Vinay