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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Assessing water vulnerabilities: Successes, failures, and missed opportunities in a Karen Hill Tribe Village on the Thailand-Myanmar borderIrvine, Kim N.; Mische, N.; Bowles, Josiah; Koottatep, Thammarat; Pichadul, P.
2014Climate change resilience and public education in response to hydrologic extremes in SingaporeChang, Chew Hung ; Irvine, Kim N.
2015Dynamic modeling to assess natural wetlands treatment of wastewater in Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Towards an eco-city planning toolSovann, Chansopheaktra; Irvine, Kim N.; Suthipong, Sthiannopkao; Kok, Sothea; Chea, Eliyan
2015Editorial: Interactions between urbanization, climate variability and its impact on surface watersChua, Lloyd Hock Chye; Irvine, Kim N.
2016An exploratory application of remote sensing technologies and statistical analysis to provide rapid and cost effective inundation predictions for the Tonle Sap Lake floodplain systemElydia Azman; Eu, Grace Yi Ying; Lim, Yean Yue Gladys; Seah, Yiting; Wu, B. S.; Irvine, Kim N.
2015Exploratory assessment of SUDS feasibility in Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe Basin, Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamHo, Huu Loc; Babel, Mukand Singh; Weesakul, Sutat; Irvine, Kim N.; Pham, Minh Duyen
2020Field-based enquiry in geography: The influence of Singapore teachers' subject identities on their practiceSeow, Tricia ; Irvine, Kim N.; Ismath Beevi; Tharuka Maduwanthi Prematillake
2014The four national taps of Singapore: A holistic approach to water resources management from drainage to drinking waterIrvine, Kim N.; Chua, Lloyd Hock Chye; Eikass, Hans S.
2022Framing human-environment connections through waterscapes: A geographic lens for teaching and learning about water resourcesIrvine, Kim N.; Chang, Chew Hung ; Seow, Tricia ; Das, Diganta ; Ho, Huu Loc
2015How high’s the water, Mama? A reflection on water resource education in SingaporeIrvine, Kim N.; Seow, Tricia ; Leong, Ka Wai; Cheong, Diana Sze Ing
2015Leaded paint in Cambodia: Pilot-scale assessmentLim, Sereyrath; Murphy, Thomas; Wilson, Kenneth; Irvine, Kim N.
2017Mathematical modeling of effluent quality of Cha-Am municipality wastewater treatment pond system using PCSWMMBhowmick, Anuva; Irvine, Kim N.; Jindal, Ranjna
2016Mathematical modelling of wastewater collection system in Cha-Am municipality using PCSWMMHtun, Thawtar; Irvine, Kim N.; Jindal, Ranjna
2015Mercury contamination of skin-whitening creams in Phnom Penh, CambodiaMurphy, Thomas; Kim, Sothea; Prean Chanra; Lim, Sereyrath; Wilson, Kenneth; Irvine, Kim N.; Slotton, Darell G.; Allen, Lori
2016Metal contamination in low-cost jewelry and toys in CambodiaMurphy, Thomas; Lim, Sereyrath; Kim, Sothea; Irvine, Kim N.; Chaiwat, Withwetin; Wilson, Kenneth
2016Modeling stormwater runoff from an urban park, Singapore using PCSWWMIrvine, Kim N.; Chua, Lloyd Hock Chye
2017Spatial and temporal variations of dissolved oxygen in Cha-Am municipality wastewater treatment ponds using GIS Kriging interpolationKoko, Shwesin; Irvine, Kim N.; Jindal, Ranjna; Thongdara, Romanee
2019The sustainability learning lab: Enhancing geographical inquiry in the field and classroomsSeow, Tricia ; Irvine, Kim N.; Chang, Julian
2018Understanding teachers’ knowledge and practice of lower secondary geographical investigationsSeow, Tricia ; Irvine, Kim N.
2020Understanding teachers’ knowledge and practice of lower secondary geographical investigationsSeow, Tricia ; Irvine, Kim N.