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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1995The aspirations of Olympism revisitedAplin, Nick
2002Celestials in touch: The development of sport and exercise in colonial SingaporeAplin, Nick; Quek, Jin Jong
Dec-1994The changing face of sports excellence in SingaporeAplin, Nick
Sep-1992Changing perspectives: Adapting “CAPTA” for studying the attitudes of student P.E. teachersAplin, Nick
Sep-1991Children’s attitudes towards physical activity: Using the CATPA inventory for assessing the values of secondary school girlsAplin, Nick; Saunders, John
2010Christianity and sport: A promising combinationSung, D. T. H.; Aplin, Nick
Nov-1998Enhancing teacher education in physical education: A values perspectiveAplin, Nick; Haslam, Ian
Sep-1993Matching learning environments and culture: Individualism/collectivism and the case of sport and physical educationAplin, Nick; Saunders, John
Mar-1998Maximising sporting and academic achievement in SingaporeAplin, Nick
2010Muslim women and dragon boat racingTan, Andy Zi Yang; Aplin, Nick
Nov-1994Olympic education in SingaporeAplin, Nick
Aug-1993Olympism in SingaporeAplin, Nick
Mar-1990Perceptions of PE and sport in Singapore: Some preliminary findingsAplin, Nick
Oct-1990Perceptions of secondary school students concerning physical educationAplin, Nick
Jun-1993The road to medals: Not just a question of better training and techniqueSaunders, John; Aplin, Nick
Mar-1999Singapore perspectivesAplin, Nick
1999Sporting heroines: The 1950sAplin, Nick
1999Sporting heroines: The 1960sAplin, Nick
1999Sporting heroines: The 1970sAplin, Nick
1999Sporting heroines: The 1980sAplin, Nick