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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Apprenticeship, epistemic learning, and diffusion of innovations in educationHung, DavidAzilawati JamaludinToh, Yancy
2005Computer mediated communication as a collaborative tool for facilitating student-centered learning in project- based classroomsQuek, Choon LangPeer, JarinaDivaharan, ShantiLiu, Woon ChiaWilliams, Michael D.Wong, Angela F. L.Azilawati Jamaludin
2019Developing a translating educational neuroscience clearinghouse for the differentiated instruction of diverse learners.Tan, Seng Chee, 1965-Chen, Annabel Shen-HsingGoodwill, AliciaAzilawati JamaludinWalker, ZacharyHale, James B.
2014Ecological leadership: Going beyond system leadership for diffusing school-based innovations in the crucible of change for 21st century learningToh, YancyAzilawati JamaludinHung, DavidChua, Paul Meng-Huat
2018Educational change for the 21st century: “Leadership from the Middle”Hung, DavidToh, YancyAzilawati JamaludinSng, GalvinLim, MonicaLi, StephenMoo, Eva
2018Empowering partnerships for school-based innovations scale and sustainabilityAzilawati JamaludinToh, YancyHung, David
Dec-2007The impact of structured argumentation and enactive role play on students’ argumentative writing skillsAzilawati JamaludinHo, Caroline Mei LinChee, Yam San
2017Innovation becoming trajectories: Leveraging lateral and vertical moves for collaborative diffusion of 21st century learning practicesHung, DavidToh, YancyAzilawati JamaludinSo, Hyo-Jeong
2020Investigating identity becoming trajectories within the interplay of spatial and social dimensions of affinity spacesHung, DavidAzilawati Jamaludin
2010Investigating projective identity trajectories for 21st century learningHung, DavidAzilawati JamaludinChen, Victor Der-Thanq
2020Investigative analysis and structured argumentation for seeding critical thinking and inquiry skills for the 21st centurySeah, Lay HoonAzilawati Jamaludin
Jan-2011Learning across contexts: How students regulate their learning in an informal contextLim, Seo HongHung, DavidKim, Mi SongAzilawati JamaludinLee, Shu-Shing
Jul-2012Metacognizing across self and socio dialecticsAzilawati JamaludinHung, David
2016Negotiating dichotomies, transcending boundaries: Investigating embodied knowing in the interplay of corporeality and digitalityAzilawati Jamaludin
2018Overcoming impediments to reform: Building a sustainable ecosystem for educational innovationsToh, YancyAzilawati JamaludinHung, David
2016Peer apprenticeship learning in networked learning communities: The diffusion of epistemic learningHung, DavidAzilawati JamaludinImran Bin Haji Sha’ari
Nov-2009Pervading binaries, disrupting boundaries: Investigating youth’s negotiation of the dialectical interplay of offline and online identitiesAzilawati JamaludinChee, Yam SanTan, Ek Ming
2017Problem-solving for STEM learning: Navigating games as narrativized problem spaces for 21st century competenciesAzilawati JamaludinHung, David
2018Significance of educational leadership: Case for Singapore schools todayShamala RaveendaranToh, YancyChua, Paul Meng-HuatHung, DavidAzilawati Jamaludin
Nov-2005Stream differences in asynchronous online discussions: Analysing student cohesion and roles in technology-mediated project work classroomsAzilawati JamaludinQuek, Choon Lang